A New Blog

Wow, It's been a long time. Hell, I was checking my gamespot profile, I was like 12 when I made that.

Well, since the last time I blogged:

  • I lost 55 Pounds Went from the 220's to the 160's. Working on muscle now, really changed my life and really allowed me to open up as a person.
  • Still gaming (Although I can't seem to play much, Still need to beat Jak 2, Jak 3, Sly 3, Arkham City, Revelations, Resistance 3, Rocksmith, and many more. I just keep playing MW3 with my friends (which is in my opinion, the best CoD since CoD4)
  • Attained the ability to drive and a cadillac :D
  • Got Pretty good at guitar.
  • Got a entirely better group of friends

Sadly, this post will get next to nothing on comments but, hell, i felt like writing a blog for old times sake. It use to be a great outlet for me.



A Blog No One Will Read!

I've been very busy with school and Community Service (gotta get those scholarships) so blogging has been down low in my list of priorities. M

Best Game Ever.
Best Game Ever.
So I've been mostly played the God of War Collection. I am currently crawling my way out of hell in God Of War and I have already found all the eyes and feathers. I'm definitly gonna paltinum God of War 1, 2 , and 3. I am aiming to have 20 Platinum's soon, haha. I'm a trophy whore. I've rented Prototype from teh Library. My Library rents videogames (getting MAG from there soon) and Prototype is actually really fun and good. But, it's to early to judge the whole Prototype vs. Infamous thing (I platinumed infamous by the way).  I am highly anticipated God of War 3 Ultiamte Edition (has new KIllswitch, Trivum, and Dream Theater songs) and Skate 3 (Skate 2 was great). I got a Zune HD and it's great. I've also gotten a PS3 slim. SImpsons Season 20 on DVD (Blu-Ray packaging is a rip-off) is amazing. SImpsons collecting has been slow, no new items have been coming out! That it what SimpsonFan is up to. Good Bye!

I'm Back with What I got for X-mas!

Ya, i haven't blogged sicne the summer. I have been very busy in school. So I Got...
- Simpsons Pajamas - AWESOME
- Simpsons Ornaments. - Will Look Great in my Collection! 
- 250GB PS3 Slim. Needed the Space and the system is so slick looking!
- LittleBigPlanet GOTY - Amazingly Fun Game, Especially the 15 free trophy levels.  
- Rock Band: Unplugged. - Love Rock Band and on the Go = Better!
- Simpsons Scene It - Funest Board Game Ever For Me. Watching The SImpsons while playing the game!
- Mudvayne "Mudvayne" SE - Came with Shirt and Blacklight (CD is completely white, made of Blacklight Ink.)
- Logitech Illuminated Keyboard (Very Nice and Glow-y)
- Ghost Rider (Blu-Ray) - One of my favorite Movies, On Blu-Ray = Sweet.
- 10 or so Metallica, Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Maiden Shirts.
- ...And Justice For All Hoodie, Iron Maiden Live After Death Hoody
- $20 PSN Card (Bought CoD Classic)
- Slipknot "Slipknot" 10th Anniversary Edition. 
- Axe Gift Set 
 - Best Buy, Gamestop, Subway Giftcards.
I Bought the new Family Guy Star Wars Movie on Blu-Ray. It was great. I am going to pick up God Of War Collection sometime.
Since Summer, I bought Batman, Assassins Creed 2, Brutal legend, Ratchet And Clnak: Crack In TIme, Uncharted 2, and Modern Warfare 2. I also Platinumed MW2 and am aiming for CoD Classic and Assassins Creed 2 currently. 


Summer Gaming Goals and a Decision. *EDIT*

I've been on Summer Vacation for a Month now, Hard to believe, but it will go fast like every summer. So, Here's My Goals.

  • Get a Platinum on infamous, 75%, Stunt and Shard Trophies are gonna be hard.
  • Get a Platinum on CoD: WaW before Modern Warfare 2 comes out. Veterans So Impossible. 
  • Replay a Large Extent of GTA4 or beat it which I have never done.
  • Beat Resident Evil 5 after getting it from my Library (lolz).

Decision! Help!

My Zune has broken. Do i get a 120GB Zune or wait for a Zune HD. I'm not amazed by no touch screen. But, it has 720p and HD radio. It also has an internet browser. I got ALOT of music and need the gigs. I know the Zune HD will not have much GB and probably the same price.

EDIT: Zune HD is $250 for 16gb, so getting a 120GB for $250.

Library? Cool? What?

So, my library started renting video game for 2 weeks for 100% free. 2 weeks and it's awesome. I got Resident Evil 5 on hold and i'm going to get LittleBigPlanet after that. I got Mortal Kombat VS. DC and Shaun White Snowboarding today. I would never buy them but want to check them out. It's impressive. They have infamous even which just came out and many more good games like Prince of Persia, Fallout 3, and Skate 2 (F3 i hate). They have 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii games. They had Persona 4 which i don't like but i know many do.

Man, Screw the $8 at Blockbuster to rent 1 PS3 game.
This is sweet.


WaW Map Pack 2 Review

This is the best Map Pack out of CoD. Map Pack 2 is great, let's start with everyones favorite, zombies.

Shi No Numa: No, not numa numa. This is the best Zombie Map. It's huge, requires strategy and is overall set up great. Hell Hounds are cool and are a great addition to the zombies. My highest i got to is level 21 and it is even a more of a blast with friends as ever. There is different shacks on the outskirts of the main building (which is 2 story). You go through swamps and each has a mystery box and great guns. Heck, theres even a zipline for a quick escape.  They added a godly electric gun and it can be used to save teammates! It also takes out huge groups of zombies at once! The electric barriers are back. Great, Great, Fun Map. Worth $10 alone. Can we just get an all zombie game? Please...

Corrosion: Good Map, Big, Cool pipes to travel though, good set-up, very cheap at times but overall a map that reminds me of pipeline from CoD4.
Banzai: Sweet Map, Huge bridge in middle, 2 sides, tunnels, caves, great map. Super fun, Snipers Paradise. Need to be tactical. Like Wetwork from CoD4.
Sun Pens: Worst out of the 3. Decent Map still. To many rooms, and a campers paradise.

Overall, a great deal for $10. Much better than Map Pack 1. Will there be a Map Pack 3? I hope so, i need more zombies. But, Shi No Numa is amazing.


Comedy Central: I Thank You!

So, big news just announced.

Fox was dumb for getting rid of this show, It's the best show along side the Simpsons and Greoning is just a genius. I can't wait to see Bender and Fry again in actual episodes. Same with Zoidburg, Professor, Leela, and the rest of the cast! The movies were great (Still need to pick up the 4th on Blu-Ray) but this is better. Fox is just milking Seth Macfarlanes Series of cartoons. I mean the man has 3/4 of the saturday line-up this upcoming Fall. Futurama is back! W00t!

Also, Iron Maiden Fans. Best Buy has their new Blu-Ray Concert/Documentary for only $15 freakin dollars. this is over 5 hours of material!

Futurama is back, thank you!


inFamous and E3.

I Got and beat inFamous as a hero. My god, this game is now marked as my favorite game of all time. I'm trying to find all the blast shards and take over all the districts before i do the evil campaign. The story shocked me and the ending was pretty sick and confusing. Great game, can't wait to see what the evil campaign is like and what will happen.

- Modern Warfare 2 = Epic Win
- Brutal Legend = Metal Fan Galore
- PSP Go looks sick, I'm in for it.
- Ass-assins Creed 2 looks awesome
- Ass- assins Creed on PSP looks as awesome
- Motorstorm: Artic Edge = Awesomer
- God of War lll looks as epic and amazing as ever
- New PS3 motion controller, sweet.
- Alot of support for PSP = FINALLY NEW GAMEZ.
- Metal Gear: Peacewalker on PSP = Cool
- Rock Band: Beatles: On the fence...
- L4D2, cool but Valve need to support the PS3.
- LittleBigPlanet on PSP, Might Get
- Uncharted 2 looks amazing, I'm Downloading the beta right now!



.:Bullet Update!:.

School is hard and stressing now so I've been busy. So, here's da update...

  • Got a LG 1080p TV, 32" (For Bedroom) 80,000:1 Contrast, 120Mhz (Lot ol' details).
  • Got The Metal Pedal For Rock Band, it owns.
  • Allergies SUCK!
  • Got Blu-Ray remote
  • Had My Birthday, A good one too.
  • Got Steam: ADD ME: ll_SIMDOG_ll
  • 2 weeks to School is over, Need to keep my Math and Science grade at A's. 
  • Brutal Legend is looking Awesome.
  • X-Men Wolverine Game Demo was actually not all that bad.
  • Double bass on GH: Metallica is super hard.
  • Bought GH: Aerosmith, it was $10 at Best Buy only! I now have every GH/RB title ever.

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