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Alien Swarm Best Swarm 0

Alright, boys and...well, it's an internet video game site, so boys pretty much covers it. It's time for a history lesson. Alien Swarm was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Released in, well, 2004, it provided a top-down perspective of you and up to 7 other buddies slaughtered your way through a bunch of aliens all while leveling up the four classes in an RPG like manner. As time wore on, and the game started to show its age, there were reports that a new product was heading to Steam....

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Review 2

     If I described a game in which you, the stealthy predator of the night, hunted down rather chatty evil-doers on your vengeful and righteous quest to incapacitate a monster of a big-bad, you might be forgiven for thinking I was talking about Batman: Arkham Asylum. If I described a game in which you, the bad ass hero search for your lost family member, all while ripping apart everything in your path with your bare hands, you'd be oddly (and eerily) on the mark if you spit out playing a P2 on ...

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The Gilded MMO 0

      Oh Star Trek. Who would've thought that a low budget sci fi show in the '60s would turn into the media juggernaut that it is today. Five shows, more movies than you have fingers and toes, and a handful of single player games later and finally, finally, the long promised and desperately awaited Star Trek massively multiplayer online role playing game comes to fruition. Will the game fly its way to victory under the soaring hopes of a million trekkies all crying out in joy, or will the game ...

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Assassin's Creed II 1

 Assassin's Creed 2 Review  Ezio StabbyMcDoubleBladedJazzHands has just left the building.    The Good: Occasional moments of brilliance/awesome, free roaming, graphics  The Bad: Accuracy, the parts where you aren't killing someone, glitches   Oh, Desmond. You really drew the sort end of the Karma stick, didn't you? That must of been some horrible deal you pulled with the universe. "Yeah, hey, you get to be a bartender for, say, ten or so years, and then we strap you into a giant chair, jam a vi...

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