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Games and University

Leaving for my first year of University, going to the University of Waterloo (Canada). I'm driving down from Calgary with my Dad, so thats about 2000 miles :(
Pulling an All Nighter, so that I can sleep on the drive down,

In gaming I recently bought Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty, and loved it, a quick game, but it was only $15, I would recommend for any one who enjoyed Ratchet and Clank Size Matters, or probably any other in the series. May not be on here for awhile, with school going on.
Take 'er Easy,


Video Done Thanks Guys

Well I made a video for youtube, and upon your guys advice, kept it in one piece.
Its kinda lame, but I had fun making it, check it out if you want


Need advice, need quick response please

Hey Guys I was going to upload a video to youtube, and was really stuck between two choices. My video is eight minutes long, and I was wondering if I should cut the video into two different segments, or is eight minutes alright, theres constant movment so its not slow or anything, I enjoy watching it all the way through, any advice would really be great.


1000 points, Nazis, and hopefully World War II

So I got 1000 points yesterday and was pretty happy, I will try to maintain contributing to Giant Bomb, and will write larger articles, because I know now that they wont wait for a day or so, and then be denied because someone added one sentence, making mine obsolete.

My first large article was on the Nazis Concept, no I am not one myself, I just felt the description was a bit lacking, so I used some of the info I had off the top of my head, take a look tell me what you think.

I would also like to provide more information to the World War II page, but for now I'm gonna take a break, but hopefully soon