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Flight Sim'in with Drew,Vinny, & Dave [archives]

Flight Sim Archives

For the sake of my own amusement i've decided to archive the popular flight sim series with Drew, Vinny, & sometimes Dave. I tend to go back and watch these often so i wanted to compile them all in one easy to reach place.

IL2: Cliffs Of Dover [Justin TV]

The Impromptu QL on Justin TV and the beginning of it all... (Starts @ 1:22:00)

IL2: Cliffs Of Dover [Quick Look]

Official QL on Giant Bomb

Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog

*Extra Life 2014: Extra Footage ( Link - Starts @02:02:30 )

Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark 2

Digital Combat Simulator: UH-1H Huey

Rise Of Flight: The First Great Air War

Microsoft Flight

Wings Of Prey

Sim'in & Chili (Special guest: Logitech Flight System G940 & NaturalPoint TrackIR)

Digital Combat Simulator: P-51D Mustang

Premium members watch a sneak peek at this DCS Beta (Future Quick Look hinted at upon full release of the game)

Aerofly FS

Lunar Flight

Premium member content



Learn to fly like a pro @18:25

Kerbal Space Program

Train Simulator 2012: Trains Vs. Zombies DLC

Flying starts @33:00

As an added bonus...'s an archive of some other great moments in flight sim'ing.

JefMajor's "Lets Play" IL2: Sturmovik (Hardcore Career playthrough) [link to the full series here]

These are my two favorite moments from the playthrough.

No control: (Starts @ 4:40)

Engine Fire: (Starts @ 5:15)

So that's it!

If you've seen any amazing/amusing moments in flight sims, let me know.


Official Frozen Synapse Friends List

A nice thing about Frozen Synapse is that it is turn based. Play it on your own time, no real time commitment, no gathering together to play on a certain date and time.

So what better way to get to know the Giant Bomb community then by killing each other...tactically.

If you're interested in playing the Frozen Synapse multiplayer with other GB community members just add your Frozen Synapse account name here and i'll keep the list updated.


Giant Bomb User / Frozen Synapse Account

Sin4profit - Sin4profit

jozzy - Vyggo

JonDavis - JonDavis

MuttersomeTaxicab - MuttersomeTaxicab

simian - simian


Althox - Althox

breaking3po - BenEViolent

eccentrix - mat

Blur_Fan - Player_Piano

Shane394 - Flippy394

mjwyoshi64 - Progman9000

ArbitraryWater - ArbitraryWater

Gargantuan - Gargantuan

DeviantJoker - DeviantBot

TobbRobb - TobbRobb

Gouglas - Gouglas

StealthRaptor - StealthRaptor

Chavtheworld - Bollard

pornstorestiffi - DanielMeier

example1013 - Example1013

oliveshark - Jat

Hylianhero1991 - Hylianhero1991

Weltal - Weltal

georgex2003 - georgex2003

Kyle - NineteenLettersLong

MB - mb-giantbomb

MattyFTM - MattyFTM


Giving away a copy of Frozen Synapse on Steam.

So i bought Frozen Synapse today on Steam and after thinking, "wait, did i screw up and get the two pack" i find out that the only way you can buy the game is to buy the two pack...course they claim it's a "free" copy but for $20 (regularly $25) i think they're pullin wool. 
I've got an extra copy and i'm giving that copy to a random member of the Giant Bomb community. 
I've been curious about this game since i saw it on the Giant Bomb Quicklook (for a taste, look no further) 

Interested in a free copy yet? See rules below... 
[(update) I will use the Random Line Picker to choose a winner  ] sometime late Sunday (5/29).

So, here go the rules:

1.  Go to my Steam profile page @ Sin4profit 
2.  Add me to your friend's list on Steam
3.  In the comment box on my Steam profile say FzS and add your Giant Bomb profile name (example:  FzS - XxxSin420profitxxX)
4   Add a comment in this blog to keep it a'float giving everyone a chance to get in on it.

Thank you,take care. 

Free Game Givaway (Steam Users)

So i bought the Potato Sack Pack, Portal 2, and IL2: Cliffs of Dover on Steam today and this has given me a litter of games to give away to you, the Giant Bomb Community.
First thing you'll want to do is go to  , set up a user account and Download the client if you haven't already.

Games Available

The first game i have is the original Portal. Since it's hard to find anyone on Steam who DOESN'T own Portal i recommend new user to start up an account and grab this game so it doesn't spend the rest of eternity in my gift box. (sold)

The next is a list of games in the Potato Sack Pack that i already own.
(all sold)

Last game is Silent Hunter III which will require a bit of a qualifier. If you request this game i'll look at your Steam account for games in the simulation genre and decide who gets it based on what i find. I just want to give it to someone with an interest in the genre rather then someone with a fleeting curiosity and a desire for free stuff.  (all gone)

Request Rules

  1. Go to my profile page on Giant Bomb and fallow me. This is to inflate my ego...and also to help me tell who's who between the GB and the Steam community, but mostly the ego thing.
  2. ON THIS FORUM add your Steam account name...or just say, "hi" , i don't care. (this is mainly to bump the thread so i can get as many people in on this as possible)
  3. ON THE STEAM CLIENT add a friend request to Sin4profit
  4. ON THE STEAM CLIENT on my profile page under "comments", post your Giant Bomb user name fallowed by your requested game from the list ( Sin4profit - Barbie's Horse Adventure )

Only one game request per user. Games will be given on a first come first serve basis and time checked by the comment on my steam profile page. 
Except for Silent Hunter III, that user will be chosen by me based on my criteria.