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Just Tells me to, "Please check your input", Dunno what input I'm suppose to apply.

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Has anyone played War of the Roses? I'm curious how melee in For Honor compares to that combat system. Also, has Uplay gotten any less shitty?

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As someone who recently finished Pillars of Eternity I can't say I enjoyed it for how outdated it felt. Combat was just a mess of magic spells and name icons clashing together as you wait for the number generators to do their thing. It Just reminded me of how much more I enjoyed Divinity: Original Sin, and how tactical everything felt. Speaking of the elemental systems, I really enjoyed the fight with Rob Zombie up there. It took me awhile to figure out that he heals himself with his own corrosive blood, so to defeat him I had to give him a bath first and use water to clean his messes. The whole elemental system in the game is brilliantly done and if the fight wasn't working out for you there was always some other idea you could experiment with.

Another aspect I liked about D:OS was the crafting, there wasn't really a limiter on what you could craft, so it was fun to apply two objects together to see if it made a new object and discover the possibilities on your own rather than wait until you have a recipe.

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@thewildcard said:

Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop are officially parting ways, ending their licensing agreement. If you want a copy of Forbbiden Stars or Fury of Dracula I'd jump on them now.

Does that split have anything to do with Fury Of Dracula? - Apparently, it does. I looked it up and GW own the original IP from 1987. Seeing as that's the case, I highly recommend anyone pick up a copy of Fury Of Dracula before the "out of print" price spikes. Currently, it looks like it's already rising.

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@dystopiax: Except for the starting point we did the mission almost exactly the same. My first Elusive target, and it was pretty underwhelming...

Was looking forward to this mission since it seemed exactly what i want from an elusive target, having to ID the target through behavioral clues, but since the target was bunched up it made it more obvious than i was hoping.

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I just bought the game recently so this'll be my first elusive target. Really hope someday they do reruns of the targets that i've missed.

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@captain_insano: It features Discount Donald who begins with the lowest starting cash and basically lies about how much he'll pay in an auction. I think all the investor cards are based on famous rich people, but i only know who a few of them are; Bill Gates, Martha Stuart, Warren Buffet, and Donald trump. I also have the promo investor card set which includes Oprah Winfrey, Mitt Romney and Bernie Sanders.

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Played Stockpile: Continuing Corruption. Stockpile has become a go-to game lately, so a pre ordered the expansion, "Continuing Corruption". The expansion adds a hand full of modules you can pick and choose from with which to add to the base game.

  • Bonds - Risk free investments that will generate money for you each round.
  • Commodities and Taxes - End game bonus/penalty system.
  • Forecast Dice - Randomly changes the flow of the market.

Continuing Corruption adds a bit of complexity to an otherwise simple game, but i liked it even better with the expansion. The forecast dice is a more interesting system to change how the market behaves. Sometimes you'll get lucky with predicted high increases and low decreases, other times you worry if that -4 will bottom out your shares. This feature also adds a bit of time to the game as you still have to find the six cards that match the dice faces you've rolled. Commodities and taxes add an interesting strategy to the game that could really give you a boost in a close game, or comes in handy as a way to hex stock piles that you know other players want to go after. Bonds are a way for players to trickle in extra money as the game goes on, though what it really did was lower most players investment money early on which made for more strategic bidding wars for the stock piles. Additionally, it adds more Investor cards (player special powers) and some tokens that remind you to add the,"top shareholder" bonuses at the ends of the game, which is a nice reminder to something i think i've forgotten in a few games.

I like Stockpile alot, and i think i prefer it with this expansion. Would recommend the expedition if you want Stockpile to feel a little more "game'y'er". It'll also lengthen the game a little bit if you add all the modules in.