2012 - first half.

A week ago I hit the goal of 150,000 gamerscore.  Since hitting the 100k mark, I've been setting a goal in 25k blocks.  The overall goal is 200,00 that I do believe I can hit before giving up the Xbox 360.  It took nearly 13 months for the first 25k block and 10 months for the second.  So I would say roughly two years from now I should be very near the overall goal.  I will say that getting achievements are not the reason why I play.  They can really help make a average game more enjoyable but thats it.  Yes I do attempt to get achievements that are fun like xx kills or do this or that.  Nothing that requires a brain dead grind.  Anyway, this latest block came by pretty quick.  Down below you will see my history.  

Started May 13, 2008
30k - Feb 20, 2009
50k - July 3, 2009
75k - Feb 20, 2010
100k - Aug 3, 2010
125k - Aug 30, 2011
150k - June 24, 2012

It is also the end of the first half of the year.  So I will honor it with the break down of games that I've finished this year.  Some stats if you please.  I completed/finished 35 games so far this year.  Here is the breakdown per genre.

3rd PS: 3
Action: 5
Fighting: 2
Flight: 2
FPS: 12
Racing: 2
RPG: 2
Sports: 7

No shock that FPS came out on top.  I enjoy them and quite good at them as well.  Even a average one can be fun at times.  I went on a bit of a sports streak there for a bit.  I'm happy with the selection of genres.

Here is the breakdown per month.

Jan: 2
Feb: 4
March: 2
April: 11
May: 9
June: 7

Year started like they all do, slow.  I think the reason for the big increase was that I had some time off and put my focus on it.  It also helped that I played quite a few games that were short in length.  Thats pretty common these days but its not like I did a dozen RPG's. 

I'm going to have to bet that there is no way I'll get 35 games finished in the second half of the year.  I'm hoping to revive an old hobby by the end of the summer which will take up some of my free time.