Hollywood sucking big time and anime to the rescue.

Watched four movies this weekend and one anime series. I should have brought more anime.

The wife picked Trouble With The Curve and I thought with the man himself Clint Eastwood, the nice chick from the office, and a story about baseball it should be alright. Well, it sucked. Clint was still a badass but baseball was just an excuse to have the characters all together. The office chick needed to show some skin besides the one butt shot and baseball takes a seat on the bench until the last few minutes. Boring.

Now I thought Ali G Indahouse was a great movie, sadly I picked The Dictator to watch instead. It had a few good laughs but the whole 'USA is bad blah blah' is done poorly and we already know others don't like us. Well screw them and this movie.

The wife's dad picked Rise of the Guardians as he thought it had some owls in it or something. I wish it had something in it because this is a hardcore 8yr and under movie. I like animated films but this was just aimed at a age group way too low to be any good. Besides, I always thought Jack Frost was an old guy.

To try to save the weekend, we thought Skyfall would be the action packed full speed shot we needed. Well, this wasn't the Bond I was looking for. It just seemed that there was talking in a office, talking in a house, talk talk talk. There was what the intro, the 2 minutes of action at the casino, and then the five minutes of action at the island? The whole super villain escapes blah blah is just so predictable and cheesy. I was very sad to see a Bond movie turn out like another fluff piece.

So that was it for hollywood and gawd did it suck ass. I had a couple more movies but I just couldn't stand any more. I wonder if End of Watch and Lawless would of been any better.

It was by sheer luck that I brought along a anime series. I had planned on starting a long series but went with the 13 episode Level E. The descriptions I have read on it were not exactly clear and I though one said there was a bit of man on man loving. Now I'm not keen on watching any of that but it seemed like it was only meant that a man or men acted really girly. Anyway, I gave it a go and was just a little scared at first but was quickly won over. The visuals and colors are sharp and the dub was great. I didn't exactly care that sometimes if someone shouted, it was a lot louder then normal. Was just a tad annoying with ear buds. Anyway, I was happy with my luck and it saved me quite a bit.

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