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25 Fun* Facts About Siphillis

  1. Real name is not "Jonn Archer" or "Jonathan Insanity" as internet would have you believe
  2. Username originated from nickname used in Halo 2 ("You were killed by Siphillis")
  3. Fully aware that the actual disease is spelled "syphilis"
  4. Owns all three current-generation consoles; prefers PlayStation 3 for controller and exclusives
  5. Owns two gaming rigs: an Alienware M11X R2, and a custom-built desktop
  6. Prefers Windows 7, but can work in Mac OS X
  7. Likes iOS and Windows Phone 7; warming up to Android
  8. First video game was Gradius III for the SNES. Family bought both the day I was born. Still one of my favorite games of all time.
  9. Has lived in three countries across three continents: United States, England, and the Philippine Islands
  10. Philippino/Italian descent
  11. Formerly an aspiring video game journalist, critic, and developer
  12. Apart from games, loves music, film, literature, sports, technology, and science
  13. Tampa Bay Rays fan; occasional New York Mets fan
  14. Has played nine sports; sucked at seven of them
  15. Avid runner; can span a mile in ~5 minutes
  16. Self-diagnosed manic-depressive
  17. College student; studied abroad in London, England in 2010
  18. Has a circle-stache
  19. Enjoys a love/hate relationship with IGN
  20. Has a Super Meat Boy poster autographed by the Giant Bomb crew, including Dave and Matt
  21. Has attended two gaming convention: Eurogamer Expo 2010 in Earl's Court, London, and PAX East 2011 in Boston, MA
  22. Car fiend; watches Top Gear religiously, prefers Forza
  23. Dream Car: 2007 Nissan GT-R35
  24. Favorite Film: Lawrence of Arabia (1962, Lean)
  25. Favorite Game: Super Mario Galaxy (2007, Wii)

*Fun facts shouldn't actually be fun.