The Best of E3 2012 (ranked)

A ranked list of the best showings at this years E3, according to what I've seen, want to see, and how desperately I want to play them.

List items

  • A next-gen game in every sense, Watch Dogs stole the whole show with its surprise announcement, boundless detail, smooth combat and, of course, those jaw-dropping graphics.

  • ACIII looks better with each demo, with ultra-slick traversal and climbing, crisp graphics, and (holy shit!) naval battles. Game of the Year contender, no doubt.

  • No zombies in the demo, sure, but The Last of Us is such a welcome departure from Nathan Drake's overly-orchestrated adventures.

  • Halo 4 looks big, bold, and beautiful. Considering how just about every other shooter on the floor is modern-day themed, it stands out quite well, too. This is 343's moment.

  • The first Wii U title that seems worthwhile, with gorgeous visuals and a neat implementation of the Wii U controller.

  • Wasn't THAT on board with Criterion's last effort, but Most Wanted is definitely in their wheelhouse. It's the best Need for Speed game ever, so if this re-imagining has anything along the lines of Razor Callahan, I'm sold. Completely sold.

  • Tomb Raider just rings truer than Uncharted, and the direction of Lara Croft's latest outing actually does seem edgy and progressive, rather than merely trying to be those two things.

  • If their presentation was any indication, the humor in this South Park offering is spot-on, and at long last a decent representation of the classic animated series.