PC Gamers, Do you use a Controller?

After purchasing Jamestown on Steam and not having much fun playing it with the keyboard controllers, I went out to Best Buy and picked up a wired 360 controller (the Razer Onza Tournament Edition). Not only is it really a great controller (that I now also use as my primary controller when playing games on my 360), but in many ways, it has revitalized a lot of my PC gaming experience. Things that I never would have bought on PC before like Just Cause 2, Darksiders, etc. are now entirely within my realm of comfort when playing with this controller. It is like having all the ease of us found in a console (and being able to lay back on my couch while I play) mixed with the customizability and cheapness of many PC games.

Obviously there are always bad ports but I have found a lot of games to work instantly and flawlessly with a Windows controller.

Does anyone else use a set up similar to this, playing some types of games (FPS, RTS, etc.) with the mouse and keyboard and others (third-person games, platformers, Shoot 'Em Ups) with a controller? I'm really excited about my PC again (although I've always been a PC gamer to some extent) and I just want to know if I am late to the party on this whole controller-PC combo or not.