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Epic Yarn is young at heart but mature in gameplay 0

Kirby's Epic Yarn takes a little while to warm up to if you're older but when you open up to the childish themes, it's easier to appreciate the fantastic platforming. When the game starts, you immediately feel the game overflowing with super cheerful, overly bubbly motifs indicated by the bright colors and happy piano music. It's hard to accept at first and you feel awkward, like Nintendo is trying to to treat you like a baby but it doesn't take away from the solid platforming and creative artwo...

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Assassin's Creed: Revelations could have been better. 0

Revelations, simply put, is a good game that could have been better and it cannot go unnoticed that the formula is beginning to hit its creative walls. Revelations struggles with finding the right balance in storytelling and gameplay and it is apparent in the additions to the game that attempt to bring something new but the forced execution of elements only shows the formula needs a fresh perspective.It all begins with the story, which starts directly where Brotherhood left off. The primary focu...

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Fast, fun and dangerous 0

For years and years people have been talking about flying cars. Take a look at The Jetsons. A cartoon interpretation of how driving would be in the future. Star Wars also presents this sort of world but still keeping cars to the ground--without wheels. And then there's F-Zero X which brings that sort of reality into a much clearer vision.  F-Zero put this sort of futuristic racing on the map but F-Zero X does everything better. More cars, more tracks, better graphics--you name it, it's better. A...

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It's recycled content but Bungie made it work 0

Chevy has currently been working on a new Corvette model that uses recycled parts from the current ZR1 model and the older Z06 model and their calling it the Grand Sport. Somehow, someway, Chevrolet put all the parts together to create something is desirable and worth getting.  The same could almost be said about Halo 3: ODST. Bungie has taken pieces from Halo 3 and have reused them to create a new experience that is desirable but not so much worth getting in every case. You have to take ODST fo...

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