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@fluxwavez said:

I'm going to continue reading, but I thought we all knew you were transgendered...? At least, I did. Kinda weird to be making a big deal out of it here because of that.

Not sure what to say after reading that. I don't know that "don't do it" is really an effective message. "Life will get better" or "there has to be a better way" has always sounded like sweet nothings to me that people who don't understand the person in question's situation say to prevent them from doing something stupid. I feel the same way about "thinking on the bright side."

I will say, however, that it seems that you're stuck thinking about unfulfilled dreams a lot. That, I can say with 100% certainty, we all have. Unfulfilled dreams, are not, in my opinion, a proper basis for doing something as drastic as taking one's own life. "Dreams", I think, are irrelevant and if they don't happen, then they don't happen. Best to come up with new ones or refocus on potential future happiness than be stuck in the past. I hate the past.

It sounds like you've been trying to do the best with your tough situation as you could, and that's great. Because of that, I don't know how much emphasis anyone could place on trying to get out of it or finding alternatives.

Because you've made this decision, there's really no urgency for when you have to do it, right? So, before you kill yourself, I suggest you use common resources such as suicide hotlines, internet forums (like this!), therapists and such to maybe give you a different perspective before you do something that can't be fixed. The best decisions are always those that can be changed.

@ienkub said:

Please don't do it. you seem to be a generous and caring person. we need more people like you.

i found this on reddit/r/SW/ just now. take five minutes to read it before you do anything, okay?

Please, @artemesia tell me you read those? Please? I know it's not my place to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, what I think is silly or not (and trust me, coming from someone who has contemplated this a few dozen times, it's not silly), or anything like that... but we're here for you and I hope you are reading this right now. I really, really hope so.

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Bring it on motherfucker. I will buy this immediately, no questions asked, price unseen on day one. I also really, really like the artist's (I forget her name) style and more of that is a-okay by me.

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This thread is an interesting exercise in troll detection. Also, it's mad stupid.

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@mariachimacabre said:

Another, really strange but good one is Pontypool. It's very non-traditional horror for the most part but I really liked it a lot.

How I forgot this I will never know. Watched it after Patrick's list on WR, and I was surprised how much I liked it. Gonna have to recommend this one too.

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Well, if you haven't seen Dawn of the Dead (the original and the remake) I say do it. Both are great movies. The Hammer horror stuff is pretty awesome, especially the Dracula movies. Despite what others say, The Satanic Rites of Dracula is a whole lotta fun and probably my favorite. If you want something much more serious and dark, Martyrs and A Tale of Two Sisters are really good. Though Martyrs is beyond fucked up, so if you have any semblance of a weak stomach don't watch it.

Speaking of foreign movies, watch The Chaser (2008 Korean thriller). It's not specifically horror, but it's fantastic and everyone should watch it.

@mariachimacabre said:

The Thing (1982) is fantastic and disgusting. The Evil Dead movies are great campy horror too.

Yeppers, The Thing is one of my favorite movies of all time. Evil Dead 2 is especially amazing, but Army of Darkness and the first one are pretty good as well. The effects (clay?) at the end of the first movie still creep me the fuck out.

edit: oh, and Pontypool. Motherfuckin' Pontypool.

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It's was stupid cheap on GameFly, so I thought why not? Well, that Rush guy opened his mouth and the game is now going to collect virtual dust.

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@jakob187: All right, I can dig. Especially after venturing into the dark, dark world of Dota pubs for the first time a few days ago. I barely know anything and it's really annoying when people rush stupid items, skip boots, or just have the worst skill build ever. I have a slight benefit since I actually like playing support, so the four hard carries (because why not) can go yell at each other because I can stay on top of rune-calls, courier, and wards without exploding. I try to help them though, and I generally don't care about my wins or losses so I guess that might be the difference.

I'm talking from the Dota side where the real "competition" is certainly not in public games, so I think it's a bit fucked that people get furious in them when they could just tell the bad players exactly how they are fucking up. It's not worth getting angry about, in my opinion, unless you're on a dedicated team with them. I just try and be as friendly as possible even with total dorks, but I could see why an especially bad support could make you want to scratch your eyes out. It's also terrible in Dota when you get a bunch of guys who jump into an English server with absolutely 0% English. Like, how are we supposed to be an at least competent team with no communication?

Oh well. Good luck on the grinding.

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Stage name of the vocalist for a German power metal band. Goofy bunch of dudes, and the name was really funny when I was a few years younger.