Gaming celebrities, or How I Learned To Squeal Like A Fangirl


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While looking over today's gaming news stories I came across a particularly hilarious quote from David Jaffe: "Soon, bitch!". He had screamed that in response to when the next Twisted Metal game was coming out. I couldn't help but laugh at the quote, both for its absurdity and because of who said it; Jaffe is known for his rather loose tongue and candid demeanor.
The whole thing got me thinking about how people view popular people in their respective industries. Personally, I've never been interested in any celebrities before. I like movies and TV shows just as much as the next guy, but I'm always the one asking his friends "uh, who is that actor again?" whenever I see someone I think I know. I'm just not that good at keeping track of them all, nor is it really important to me. I also don't think I'll ever understand the people who live off of celebrity gossip rags. I just can't imagine how clinging to the slightest bit of information (which is always taken out of context!) and blowing it out of proportion is entertaining.
This sort of apathy extends to all aspects of entertainment for me...there are very few musicians, movie actors, sports stars, etc. that I'd actually care to meet, and even fewer I'd try to reach out to if I wanted an autograph. I have friends who squeal with delight and barely contained mania when they see a band they like enter the stage. They aren't just excited about the music or the idea of a concert, but rather, they are excited to see the actual people. They jump up and down hoping to make even the slightest bit of eye contact with the lead singer...I even had a friend who once pledged to never take a shower again after she claimed she had been sprayed by the sweat of Steve Tyler.
Crazy, crazy people, letting themselves get all worked up like that. He's just a person, a human just like you or me!
What did you say? Who was the visionary behind Mario and Zelda? Uh, Shiggy Miyamoto of course, are you nuts?! Why do you ask? Wait, is he here? Did you see him? Did you meet him?! DID YOU SHAKE HIS HAND? OH MY GOD TELL ME YOU SHOOK HIS HAND DID YOU DID YOU DID YOU??? DID YOU GET HIS AUTOGRAPH? DO YOU THINK YOU COULD GET HIM TO SIGN MY FACE? IF YOU CAN I WILL JUST DIE AND...AND
...uh, where was I again?
Come to find out, I do actually care about "celebrity personalities" and the like...just not the typical ones that you might expect. I care about the celebrity game industry people. Thankfully, I don't think I'm alone. Just think of all the people who would kill to meet and talk to people such as Tim Schafer and Will Wright and Warren Spector. These are the great minds of our industry, and their visions and projects have been instrumental in shaping the very landscape we see today. And to think I would turn my nose up at celebrity gossip! Our gaming journalists are no better when it comes to these people; the moment one of them says something goofy or does something unexpected, the media is all over them, even if the news itself is stupid or minor. 
So thank you, David Jaffe, for showing me that I'm just as much of a rabid fangirl as anyone out there. Now I'm left wondering if I would take a shower after being sprayed with Miyamoto sweat...hmm...perhaps its best not to think about that.   
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