Sony, baby! I'm going to make you a STAR!

To Whom in may concern,
Sony, baby! I want to bring you to Hollywood, my man! We're talking the movie star fast track, you know what I'm saying? Of course you do, baby, of course you do!
Listen, S-Dog, I got a pitch I wanna run by you. No pressure, my man, no strings attached! Just let me know what you think, your people will talk with my people while me and you go grab some celebritory appletinis, ha ha!
Alright, so we got this tween comedy in the backburner, right? Something really classy, real contemporary. It's about this loser nobody who has no friends and is the butt of every joke in highschool. You know the type, I'm sure. A real NERD, am I right, haha? Yeah boy, yeah boy! So we got this loser, right, and one day he gets this great idea. He sees the top dog - the most popular and well liked kid in the school -  walking along and thinks, "What makes him different? What makes him so cool?!" And then it hits him, like a sack of solid gold bowling balls!
The next day the guy comes in and he's wearing the same clothes as the popular guy and has all the same mannerisms. He eats the same things, talks to the same people, and walks exactly like the popular kid. You see, to the loser, he thinks that by simply copying the other guy he too can be popular.
It was hard scouting for talent for this part - what type of self respecting person would be fine with being portrayed like this? Who wants to play the part of someone who envies the popular kid so much that they shamelessly try to mimic them, entirely missing the point of what made the person popular and well liked in the first place? But after seeing your GDC conference I realized that person is you!
So congrats, S-Dog! Let me be the first to welcome you to Hollywood!
Your's Truly,
P.S. Oh, and want to know how the movie ends? Everyone sees through the loser's pathetic ploy and he's a lot worse off because of it. A real tear jerker!