10 Fond memories of the SNES from my childhood

Though my taste in games have changed over the years, one thing is for sure...the SNES era of my gaming life was one of the best. I have many fond memories of this time and to contain it in one list would be impossible. But to contain it in a top 10? Yeah, sure, I think I can handle that much. Let's take a look.

List items

  • Easily one of the best games I've ever, ever played. Unfortunately the Mana series has become more than a little neglected by Square, but Secret of Mana stands as the shiniest gem in my entire SNES collection. It is fantastic.

  • I don't even know why I owned this game. I think my dad bought it. Either way, I loved the graphics and the music. The dungeon design was difficult, and being able to transform into different forms to complete each dungeon was...well, pretty effin' cool

  • Not much to say here, eh? This was the first Zelda game I played...and it got me hooked into the series forever. Nowadays I have a hard time playing it as the 3D games have spoiled me, but I'll never forget the time watching my father beat Blind during an early Saturday morning

  • This was the first multiplayer game I played...and boy was it fun. Looking back on it I cannot believe I could stomach those graphics (they make me dizzy nowadays)

  • I never owned this game but I had a cousin that did. I played and beat it over the course of a few visits to his house. Years later I would forget the name of this great city-builder-meets-difficult-action game, only to rediscover the title by sheer chance. I was able to relive it all over again

  • I didn't play this game until much later. I guess I always figured this was a spinoff or something and not a true Mario game. Boy was I wrong. At the end of the day I'd rank this as the better game than Super Mario World. Except for Mario's crying.

  • This was a game I played when I was VERY young. I had no idea what was going on and I constantly died...but god, did I love it. And god help me if I lost Yoshi! I'd chase that bastard off the edge of a cliff in an effort to save him

  • A game I seemingly inherited from one of my cousins, PilotWings remains one of the biggest surprises I had on the SNES. I have no idea graphics and the world could LOOK like that. It was a very fun game with a great concept...though to be fair I often sucked at it

  • Man, I didn't even like this game, but it was so memorable I had to put it in. I tried to play this with my dad, with him handling Yoshi and me with the bazooka lightgun. I was pretty bad at it which is largely the reason I didn't like it

  • This is a game I only have bits and pieces of in my memory. It was a rented game, and I'm sure I rented it simply because it had a bat on it and, hey, bats are cool. Though I remember very little, I also remember loving the hell out of it, pretty much playing it non-stop. At one point I discovered a save file from someone else (back when save files were even stored on the game itself...) and picked it up from there, promptly getting my ass kicked