E3 2010 Most Anticipated [Nintendo edition]

E3 2010 rocked. There were lots of cool games announced, demoed, and subsequently drooled over. Here's my top 10 list of most anticipated Nintendo games. After all, I'm a Nintendo fanboy at heart, and this year they sure knew which heartstrings to pluck.

List items

  • What can I say? It's Nintendo, it's Zelda, and it's awesome looking. I mentioned this previously, but I'm still surprised at the very middling response to this fantastic looking game.

    To me, the changes seem smart. Better controls, more refined and modern features (things like dash, quick item selection), and an interesting focus on strategic combat have my interest piqued. The 2011 release date, however, is a huge bummer

  • I hyped up the first game a lot. And I mean a LOT. This time around I'm keeping a cooler head, and I think that plus the refinements made should make for a great experience.

    Everything that was wrong has been fixed, and adjectives add a lot more than I was expecting. Can't wait.

  • What a love/hate relationship I have with this game. When it was first announced, I couldn't believe how awesome the concept sounded. Then the Game Informer article hit, and it looked ugly and completely different than what I was expecting.

    This time, the demo spoke to me. The graphics look neat, the concept is interesting, and it "feels" right, at least from the videos. I hope this turns out great.


  • I am a weak, weak man. I am 22 years old. I am, indeed, a man. I have played this game 3 times now. As any seasoned AC vet can attest to, this damn game has been ported over 4 times, each iteration adding very little onto itself (and sometimes even removing things!)...yet we can't buying it.

    This one...well, it'll be in 3D, for one. But for two, it looks like some new stuff is finally being explored. Check out the player model, for one. Hmm!


    This looks absolutely incredible! What a brilliant art scheme coupled with a fucking HEARTWARMING looking game. God! How do they do it?

  • Another love/hate game, Other M has gone from "Must Have" to "What in the hell?" and back again many times. The latest trailer showed some delicious Metroiding action, and Reggie's comments of "don't worry, you'll still feel isolated and there's plenty to explore" did in fact make me feel better.

    I just hope it isn't too anime!

  • Kind of a no-name game right now, the concept alone has sold me. Their showing at E3 has only reaffirmed just how cool this game looks

  • I won't even bother putting a meme here. You all know it by now.