Upping the Majesty: Games I've completed in 2013

Man. You guys, my backlog is pretty big. I know I'm not alone here in this post-Steam-sale world, but it's still a problem I feel compelled to address.

In an attempt to motivate myself to start moving things to the left, I've decided to start a list keeping track of games I've completed in 2013. I'll try to write a mini-review for every game I play and complete - my backlog is varied and I tend to shy away from big games when they first launch, so very likely this list will be all over the damn place.

Hope you enjoy it

Disclaimer: Defeated might not mean "Beaten". It might also mean "Boy this is a bad game, I think I'm going to stop playing it"

I try to give each game at least an hour of my time, though

List items