e3 2011 Games I look forward to

Here is a list of games from e3 2011 I cant wait for

List items

  • Massive RPG I will surely sink 100s of hours into, great new spell system, amazing graphics cannot wait for skyrim

  • It is a toss up between Skyrim and UC3 for my game of show, but if this game is anything like UC2 I will be very happy, and from what I hear about the 3d in this game it might finally be worth it to get a 3DTV

  • Demon souls kicked my ass and I loved every minute of it, a game truly bringing back difficulty to an era of easy to finish games. Cannot wait for the sequel

  • More Assassins creed? Fuck yea

  • Finishing the epic trilogy ME3, the bioware doctors surely will not disappoint

  • Its fucking zelda, you know it will be good

  • Halo 3: Finish the fight, Halo 4 5 and 6: fight some more? Sure why not

  • The more I hear and see about this game the more I want to play it, MW and BF are great, but in an era where all shooters are starting to look the same, this one stands out and I am confident Id will release a great game.

  • I loved Bioshock 1, never got around to 2 and I really have no desire to revisit rapture so when I first heard this game takes place in the sky, it got my attention, after watching some gameplay this looks like one of the must have games of 2012

  • Even though it is still looking like most BF games and showing a less than impressive tank sequence for 15min this is still a game I am very interested in

  • Looks alot like MW1 and 2, which means it will be great even if it is more of the same

  • The best racing game around, cant wait for the new release

  • Didn't have very high expectations of this game going into e3, but after watching the live gameplay it is starting to look like a solid adventure game, even uncharted like, which can only be good

  • Cliffy B, what a badass. nuff said