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might get a video card.

I just got a new power supply, antec 500 watt.  And I was thinking about buying a new computer, but considered just upgrading my video card.  
I am not sure if I want to stay with ATI/AMD  or get a nvidia 460.  I am not looking for anything top of the line.  And, while I wait for my tax refund to hit my bank, I am looking at sales on newegg, amazon, and best buy.  Best buy is the only local retailer with decent stuff, and not having to worry about catching the shipment would be worth not saving $20 dollars by getting it online.  But, if it is going to be 30-60 dollar difference, I would order from the Egg.  Also, the egg has much wider variety.  But, any problems, best buy is 10 minutes away... if they have a card i decide to buy with my rewardzone points.