Weekly Rundown - 04/02/12-04/08/12

Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect, Catherine
  • Gameboy - Pokemon Blue Version
  • Nintendo Wii - House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return

Games! So, I finished Mass Effect 3. And I loved it! I even enjoyed the ending, despite at least one glaring plot hole. I think a lot of the reasons I hear about why people hate the ending of that game is just whining because it didn't end the way you wanted it to end. And the other complaints just don't bother me as much or are, frankly, personal preference. Is Mass Effect 3 as good as Mass Effect 2? No, honestly not even close. Is Mass Effect 3 really good and a lot better than a host of other games I've ever played? Hells yes.

And then I immediately put in Mass Effect, the first one, and created a new character to go through all three games and make as different a playthrough as I can, just to see what happens, y'know? I'm barely into it, but, know that's coming.

I also played a bunch more old school Pokemon. Don't know why, but, I'm just really in the mood to play Pokemon. Don't hate.

Booted up Catherine. I'm doing a playthrough with Rebekah, as she expressed interest. Skipping the puzzles, though, the joy of having played the game pretty extensively beforehand, we can just go right to the story, which is what she's interested in. It's also interesting, for me, to see the way she doesn't care and just doesn't want to talk to the sheep on the landings or any of the people in the bar. She says, "They never have anything interesting to say." As someone who wants to talk to everyone and see every line of dialogue that was programmed in, I find that very interesting.

And then we shot zombies last night in House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns, specifically the second one. Gods, I love that voice acting.