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If anyone has seen an interesting blog on this page then let me know.  It seems to have been MIA for several months.

First Blog in months

First Blog in months.

Work has been busy.  But now I am on holiday for 10 days.  Thank fuck.

Luckily thanks to the builders being here to construct the Summer House I have the perfect excuse to stay and play video games.  And I can't be moaned at!  

Just picked up - Op Flash, Portal 2, MK and Socom 4 for my Tripple, plus I really need to try out the Gears beta.  Good  times, but depressing times in 11 days when I am back at work. heh.

Test Drive Unlimited 2. A combination of racism and dodgy physics

Ok...After playing Test Drive Unlimted 2 on my PS3 I have come to two easy  conclusions. 
1.  The game is shit.
2. The game is racist. 
No. 1.  is pretty easy due to the poor handling, poor physics engine, wooden avatar models, broken online servers.  Atari continues to impress! /sarcasm. 
No. 2.  The cockpit views are modelled so the driver is on the left hand side.  Racist!  Us Brits drive on the right hand side.  This indifference to our culture disgusts me. 
Not only that but last time I was on holiday in Ibiza the locals didn't speak with yank accents.  Now albeit when I was in San Antonio  for that 14 days I was either drunk on vodka, speeding, or copping disco biscuits but I know a Spanish accent when I hear one.   I have yet to witness one Spaniard in that game.  The map is inaccurate too.
Atari.  Please stop releasing games.  Thanks. xoxo,


And so it begins...

This is probably weekend one of the wallet being hit for games.  Sure there has been Halo Reach, and Dead Rising 2 [meh], but today marks the first new release day where multiple games have been bought. 
Front Mission Evolved 
Looking forward to playing them more tonight after things get quieter.  


Microsoft prepares their Tank to hold off XBOX gamer's DPS.

Only 24 hours after the British pricing  of Kinect and already Microsoft have their tank ready.  Can anyone seriously be surprised?  Gamer's comments have not been positive.
£130.00 is a ridiculous launch price point. The pricing of the peripheral was always going to be in one of two schools. 
1.  Higher price point - an increased profit figure per unit, with a decreased install base. 
2.  Lower - less unit profit, but higher installed base to sell secondary products to. 
Microsoft's argument is all based upon a simple fact.  It is more expensive to play two/ four player motion controlled games on the Wii/Move than on the Kinect.  With their product solution 1 - 4 players are covered out of the box.  Fair point, however how many people are going to jump into immediately playing 2/4 player games with the Move?     It is a messy stance since Sony's product is [at this stage]  being marketed for core and casual markets with Software coming for both sides of the coin.  Plus it removeschoice, forcing the consumer to invest heavily at the start.
Here are some choice sections of the EDGE article today.  And honestly LOL at using the "analyst community" as a defense of the pricing strategy. 
     “We researched it heavily,” Chris Lewis, VP of Microsoft Europe’s Interactive Entertainment Business, told MCV. “As with most things, we do massive amounts of consumer research. Not only did we consult with people like yourselves, but also the analyst community. We think this is great value.

“Look at our pricing versus what we’ve seen from Sony,” he added. “If we take their US Move details for example – obviously we’ve not seen their Move price-points for EMEA – but we expect Move will cost €150. But when you look at a two player Move experience, we think we will be around €150 less for the equivalent two-player experience.”  

In the end it boils down to this.  The cheapest price point for entry is 
Microsoft £130 [peripheral add on] £330 with Elite Slim
Sony £50.00 [peripheral add on] £300 with 120GB/ £320 with 250gb PS3
Nintendo £160 [the cost of a new Wii including Wii sports & Wii Sports Resort]
Thoughts on the pricing?  Personally I am interested in Kinect, but I can't help but feel it is going to be a tough sell this Christmas especially considering the choice of launch titles.  

Kane & Lynch 2 Timed Exclusive demo launches 1st July

No Caption Provided
Just got an email from Square announcing a timed exclusive [whatever that means] demo for the 360, it hits the street tomorrow.  I will post my thoughts, if I get in, but I thought the heads up would be useful to other bombers on the site.  Good Luck and enjoy the game.   Let me know what you think of it.  
Thats the url of the site you need to register.  I am a tard and I don't know how to make it clickable...sorry;p

Playstation Plus Launches Today

So update 3.40 has hit, and Playstation Plus launches today. 
I was interested in seeing how Sony approached the area of a subscription based online environment without damaging one of the unique benefits that PSN has over XBL which is of course free online gaming.  Content is their approach which could be a nice added bonus. 
Ffor this to be worthwhile the content must be relative now, not 12 months ago which unfortunately Sony appear to be doing.  I have no qualms about subbing to Playstation Plus alongside my XBL Gold subscription and had every intention in doing so today.  However after looking at the release schedule for the first two months of the service it appears to be completely worthless to a gamer such as mysekf. 
Lets see  

Month 1: June 29th – August 3rd
• Intro offer: LBP (standard edition) 
• PSN PS3: Wipeout HD 
• minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies 
• PSone: Destruction Derby 
• Full Game Trial: Shatter, Savage Moon 
• Discounts: LBP God of War Pack – 50%, LBP: LocoRoco costume pack – 50%, Gravity Crash – 20%, Fat Princess DLC – 20% 
• Premium Game Element: KillZone 2:  Steel & Titanium DLC 
• Push demo: ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain 
• Themes: LBP Theme, SCEE produced: PlayStation “Game Is Just The Start” Dynamic Theme 
• 2 x Fat Princess Premium Avatars

Month 2: August 4th – September 1st
• PSN PS3: Zen Pinball 
• minis: Blast-Off, Alien Zombie Death 
• PSone: Medievil 
• Full Game Trial: Inferno Pool, Mushroom Wars 
• Discounts: Zen Pinball Earth Defence Table – 20%, Warhawk Triple Combo Pack – 50%, Super Stardust HD  - 20%, WipeOutHD Fury – 20% 
• Premium Game Elements: Motorstorm Pacific Rift: Adrenaline Pack 
• Push Demo: Flower, Pixel Junk Shooter 
• Themes: “SCEE produced: PlayStation + Dynamic Theme (in production), Heavy Rain Crime Scene Theme 
2 x Heavy Rain Avatars (Bird and Butterfly)

Absolutely nothing jumps out.  Granted Wipeout HD is cool, but I already have purchased and downloaded HD and Fury.   
The issue here is that it appears to be restricted to SCE produced content which if this continues could pose a problem.  In my mind the initial offer seems to be all over the place.  I would love to know why the product manager would beleive that Killzone 2 map pack would be a key offer.  The game has it core fanbase who still play it online and it is fairly easy to imagine that that base will already own the multiple packs which are out there.  And I hardly see that this offer will encourage gamers who have never tried Killzone to make the jump now 14 months after the title hit the street shelves.  Don't worry though as next month it is Zen Pinball....BAM!  
Less old content, more new content Sony and you will get a subscriber.  I wonder how many people out there are going to activate their subs today, and who find the initial line up an  exciting proposal.  TIme will tell I guess.
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