Next-Gen Games That Haven't Lived Up To Their Last-Gen Predcesor?

(Predecessor spelled wrong due to character cap!) 
First blog techincally, but in reality the only difference I see in blog posts and forum topics is it says (blog post) in the title. Here goes. 
I've been thinkin about what next-gen games (PS3, Wii, 360) sequels haven't been on par with their last-gen predecessor. My choices are below, feel free to post yours. I think Guitar Hero 2 is considered last-gen right? Whatever.
Guitar Hero 2 - Guitar Hero 3 - Harmonix left and it just... wasn't pretty. Songs weren't as great and the note charting was kindof a joke. 

Resident Evil 4 - Resident Evil 5 - I don't consider this a bad game, but really, it wasn't even close to how much I loved Reisdent Evil 4. RE4 is definitely one of my favorite games of all time, and RE5 was just pushed to the side after I finished it, but RE4 is just memorable as hell and I continue to play it today. I won't be playing RE5 in 4 years. 

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto 4 - Really the same thing as above, it's not bad, but the standards given by it's previous installments were just too high, and I guess I just didn't like the realism to it. Most of the stuff they decided to throw away from the old games was because, as they claim atleast, they wanted it to be realistic, which I guess I didn't like.I probably played San Andreas for around 250 hours. Beat it, oh, 4 or 5 times. I only beat GTA 4 once. I didn't like it enough to play through it again when it got the trophy patch.  
Mega Man X6 (PS1)- Mega Man X7 (PS2) - Mega Man may be my favorite game series of all time, and I'm not like most people, I won't let the terrible Mega Man games make the really good ones turn bad all the sudden, you know, like all the Star Wars fans say "4-6 suck because of 1-3!!". Yeah, whatever. I still love Mega Man 1-6 and X6, and while I'm not a fan of 7 and 8, but X7 was terrible. Switching characters and pseudo 3-D just didn't work for me, also the soundtrack wasn't even in the world of the old games. I never beat the last level of the game, but I'm not to concerned about that. Most will probably say it went down the crapper after X3, but I still enjoy all of the PS1 Mega Man games, even though MMX6 was on the border line of good and frustrating as fuck.      

I'm looking at my shelf of games and I can't think of any more. I pray that God of War 3 won't be on that list next year. My expectations for that game are so ridiculously high it ain't even funny. I heard Mercernaries 1 was great compared to Merc 2, but I can't say I played Merc 1 so I'll exclude that.
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