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I just played through The Walking Dead in one sitting.

The Walking Dead

What the title said. I wrote this down after every episode. This damn game...

Episode 1

The last line really set things up, doesn’t it? ”I think it’s going to be allright” and not a minute later the power grid is completely shut down.

I really like the characters in this game. Already more than in most games. I guess it’s because of how everything is just different shades of shit.

I already lost track of what most of my thoughts are on this game so far. I guess this is just an experiment in expressing myself on paper. Off to ep. 2!

Episode 2

I’m not even done with it and man! Right off the bat you’re put in crazy difficult positions. Rationing stuff later is not helping the characters get along and now the reveal with the dairy farm! WHAT THE FUCK. I must get back to playing.


Fuuuck. More decisions were hard as balls to make. I stabbed one of the brothers with a pitchfork. I very rarely find it worth killing off a dude if a game lets you. I don’t know why but I did this time. The tiny thing I got out of that quickly vanished as I noticed Clementine saw me do it. I felt bad.

I guess this says a lot about The Walking Dead as a game and a means to tell a story. Already in the first episode and even more with this one I’ve connected with the characters on a level that took Mass Effect one and a half game reach. And the Mass Effect universe is probably my all time favorite video game universe.

I also noticed me being among the 15% of people who chose not to bring the guy trapped in a foothold trap(?) with me. The thing is I spent too much time trying to save him only to have to leave moments later. I guess this is a prime example of how trying to help people in the best way possible turns out to be really hurtful instead.

Anyhow, this episode did not end as ill foreboding as the first one but I still expect the game to punch me in the stomach at least once or twice. This story is so good. Ep. 3 here we go!

Episode 3

Figured I’d have to make a post lest I forget all of the bad shit that went down in the first part of this episode.

Sigh. This episode is just all sorts of depressing? Carly getting shot was real unexpected. I chose to leave ­­­­_____ behind because of it. One has to draw the line somewhere, has he not? I felt bad but I didn’t want the group to become more splintered than it already was. I take issue with Kenny, but he’s one of the few that remains. We have to stick together.

I shot the kid. This is bad. I thought Kaatja was strong enough.


There was not much more to this episode than previous post. I’m just hanging onto the story right now. There seems to be hope! Though I wonder what the hell was going on with that radio. Has Clementine been talking to someone all this time?

Episode 4

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Some new people were befriended and some of them lost. The ploth thickens too, though I it is more suspense than dread and horror. A boat has been fixed, though I don’t know to where it might be taken.

I’ve been bit, too. Such a small mistake too. Well, I guess I do find some relief in knowing that my end is near. All I can think about is finding Clementine. I owe her that much.

Episode 5

I need a drink.


Rain(y) Woods?


  Having watched the endurance run, this old trailer blew my mind. TWO MIDGETS?!? I guess that's a more direct reference to that weird backwards-but-not-really-backwards talking midget from Twin Peaks.
 I'm currently watching the JV version but totally planning on watching the BR later!
Also this is totally a shamelessly cheap blog post to get my quest done. Hey, at least I didn't make it without having anything in it!