360 Games I've Played

This started off as my collection, but I decided not to hang onto games anymore since I never actually go back and play them.

List items

  • Highs: First full band game; solid, if eclectic setlist; great multiplayer

    Lows: Some interface issues, poor hardware quality


  • Highs: Much improved interface; much improved hardware; makes RB1 completely obsolete

    Cons: Making an online band doesn't work well; tough to find online bandmates who buy DLC


  • Highs: High-challenge guitar songs; only way to get AC/DC

    Lows: Cheap cash-in using old RB1 engine; boring on drums; no Bon Scott


  • Highs: Amazing music; wonderful presentation

    Lows: Not very challenging; completely separate from RB; short setlist


  • Highs: New co-op mode; higher level of challenge

    Lows: Uneven setlist; bass not as much fun as guitar; totally obsolete since Rock Band came out


  • Highs: Great setlist; improved presentation from earlier GH games

    Lows: Artificially difficult notecharts; art style a bit too cartoonish


  • Highs: A few good exclusive songs

    Lows: Very uneven setlist; ugly presentation; terrible interface


  • Highs: Impressive visuals; excellent controls; interesting storytelling

    Lows: Uninteresting Assassination missions; repetitive side missions


  • Highs: Smart updates really flesh out the template laid down by AC; interesting story and protagonist

    Lows: Bit of the same 'ol, same 'ol; graphics not as impressive as when AC1 was released. Repetitive and drags in spots.


  • Highs: Colorful and funny characters; Lots of freedom with vehicle building

    Lows: Repetitive; Spend too much time hunting for collectibles


  • Highs: Amazing open-world design; great crashes; great sense of speed.

    Lows: West side of map is boring; repetitive races


  • Haven't played it enough to judge. Seems cool, but I'm not a huge FPS fan.

  • Highs: Frantic pace; fun weapons

    Lows: Annoying mission setups; no free time to just kill zombies


  • Highs: Amazing presentation; very tense and scary atmosphere

    Lows: Gets a little easy as the game goes on; repetitive


  • Highs: Great, engaging original story; interesting characters

    Lows: Characters look ugly up close; uninteresting combat; poor AI


  • Highs: Visually attractive; funny dialogue.

    Lows: Very linear; a bit dull as the game moves on.


  • Highs: Highly immersive world

    Lows: Repetitive; combat is not great


  • Highs: Beautiful visuals; tough, but fun, racing

    Lows: Racing line makes it a bit too easy


  • Highs: Great presentation

    Lows: Very repetitive; boring story


  • Highs: Amazing presentation

    Lows: Basically a high-def version of Halo 2; poor story


  • Highs: Fun cast of characters

    Lows: Same as every other LEGO game


  • Highs: Funny take on Indiana Jones mythos

    Lows: Bland and uninteresting gameplay


  • Highs: Huge cast of characters; fun to use powers

    Lows: Repetitive; visuals merely ok.


  • Highs: Immersive large-scale open world; lots to do

    Lows: A bit repetitive; easier and watered down compared to earlier games in the series


  • Highs: Great looking games; all fun to play; tons to do

    Lows: None, really


  • Highs: Tons to do; unlimited customizability; completely insane and over-the-top

    Lows: Sort of ugly; cars handle for crap


  • Haven't played it

  • Highs: "Gotta Catch 'Em All" mentality sucks you in; cute presentation

    Lows: Still gets boring after awhile


  • Highs: Amazing story; great visuals; much improved combat

    Lows: Combat now serviceable, but not great; squadmate AI is horrible


  • Highs: Presentation, voice acting, fun combat, awesome stealth sections, fun gadgets

    Lows: Lots of backtracking


  • Highs: Lots of things to collect, quick leveling up and character-switching mixes up the action a bit

    Lows: Far fewer characters than MUA1, not a ton of challenge, storyline ends up weak.


  • Highs: Tons of new characters, better online modes, reasonable price tag, same excellent fighting

    Lows: Useless arcade mode, online still not perfectly done, some new moves/characters are totally useless


  • Got this for $15 at Target because it had a mic. I doubt that I'll ever play it.

  • Highs: Good single-player story, good presentation fun

    Lows: Some technical hitches, boring second act.


  • Highs: Stylish, fun combat

    Lows: Drags in places, Zelda/GoW ripoff


  • Highs: Brings Springfield to life, funny in spots

    Lows: Terrible camera and controls, co-op is a mixed bag.


  • Highs: Fun skill system, interesting story

    Lows: Repetitive combat, standard JRPG fare for the most part


  • While it's a really pretty package, and has Devil May Cry's batshit insane blend of over-the-top moves and characters, Bayonetta goes too far down that direction. The story is completely unintelligible and the frantic pace is just too chaotic to follow. I still don't know what the hell I was doing most of the time.

  • You get the sense that this is a God of War ripoff that had the Castlevania name bolted on at a much later date. That's actually pretty accurate. While a good game, it's just not that noteworthy and really has nothing to do with Castlevania at all.

  • I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game, since I've played so many of the Lego games by now. However, the structure was very different, and it captured the Harry Potter universe very well.

  • Rock Band 3 is an evolution of the games before it. It's really down to whether you like Rock Band or not at this point. Harmonix made some smart updates to the interface, though setting up an online band, always a weakness of the series, is arguably worse this time around. I feel like there's nowhere to go from here, but I said that before.

  • A phenomenal achievement from Bethesda, the Elder Scrolls series keeps getting better and better. I'm a bit unsure whether I like that the underlying RPG systems keep getting simpler, but I accept that RPGs are taking a more stripped-down, action-oriented approach. Skyrim does have some depth underneath it still.

  • Wonderful game. It expanded on what made Arkham Asylum great, and added a second character to boot. It may not have been as finely focused as AA, but it more than made up for it by the sheer amount of what was going on around me.

  • So far the best use of the Kinect functionality outside of using voice commands to control Netflix. Has a great sense of humor, and is really fun to play.

  • Better than the original, and that's saying a LOT.

  • Intriguing premise, though I thought that it was a bit of a letdown during the second and third acts. There's some really good ideas in there that just need some tweaking to turn this franchise into something really special.