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Great, But Frustrating, Old-School Games

Games that may be awesome, but are hard as hell.

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  • The eyeclopses still wipe me out to this day.

  • It doesn't matter how good you get with the bionic arm; you're going to miss a lot of jumps. And don't even get me started on the very last jump in the game.

  • Enemies are surprisingly hard to avoid or hit in Little Nemo; it's like Capcom really wanted you to have nightmares about trying to beat it.

  • The first two Ninja Gaidens are lessons in pain.

  • The first two Ninja Gaidens are lessons in pain.

  • Without the 30 man code, I wouldn't get past the first stage. Ever.

  • So many difficult jumps; miss one and you're dead!

  • Simon Belmont moved like a dump truck, he gets knocked back way too far whenever hit, and enemies pop up in exactly the worst spots when trying to clear a pit. This is one of the most sadistic games for the NES. It's also extremely awesome.