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Steal My [Blog Post]

Greetings all, I hope this Friday finds you in good health and wealth. If not, good luck!

I got a couple of things I need to say:

Cyberpunk rebirth confirmed:

With the popularity of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the announcement of a Syndicate reboot, it seems the gaming public is craving cyberpunk? Maybe this is what the shooter genre needs for an antidote to the dudebro genre. Crossed fingers for an Single Player HD Shadowrun ,Crusader and an actually awesome GitS game. Speaking of, is Crusader on How much does it cost and what do I need to do to create an account? Anywho, let's hope the cyberpunk shooter gets more people to play them and read the novels.

Beyond the Gears....

So Gears of War 3 happened this week and it appears to reviewing well within the gaming public and journalist. So what happens besides DLC and the obvious Gears of Kinect? Well, since they've just said they aren't making more unreal games, it wouldn't surprise if there were to be a Halo: Reach for Gears of War series. Maybe they'll work on that new unreal engine that they revealed recently. Maybe they'll make an playable tech demo for it. Well anyways. Good Luck to Epic and Cliffy B in the future. Also looking forwards to any work they put in to any Wii U games if what I read from people are right.

The S stands for Stylish!

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised/disappointed that Capcom didn't go the extra length to make a real achievement list for RE4, not some story based achievement bullshit. Which is kinda shit because from what I remember playing of the game on the Wii(still hadn't beaten yet.), that had some "Shit go real" kinda moments that would totally be worthy of actual achievements.


What are you playing this weekend?

Well, I'm playing Half Life 1 and Lumines on Steam because my computer is piss poor and I don't really feel like hooking up my Wii to get my ass handed to me by a bitch of a boss in NMH1


Complain about the awful people in your facebook feed here.

I can't even look into my facebook feed right now. I'm so filled with liberal rage.  I realize that most facebook users are stupid and post stupid shit on their facebooks for their friends to see. I also realize that most of the people I know from school are traditionally republicans because Sullivan is a small town and ripe with republicanism bullshit.
The main offender is a girl I know and whom I dearly care about her, her husband and her kids. She's also a republican. Today, her posts were like "Why are we launching missiles into Libya when we have people starving in the states?" and "O.B.A.M.A=One Big Ass Mistake America" and all that shit. I see who she voted for in the elections.
I just want to go into a fucking tirade about international policy. I'm liberal and I realize that sentiment is shared among people who don't realize about commitments to UN/NATO.  The military/industrial complex is gigantic tentacle monster that is fucking america right now. Fuck the conservatives when they want to cut social services to poor people.  Fuck them right in the ear. Slash half that damn budget and you have your quite a hunk of cash to run the government for awhile.
If more people would study up on their history and america's commitment to the world, than maybe stupid shit wouldn't be posted on Facebook. or maybe not.


What? A [Bloggy Post] appears! GIRD YOUR LOINS!

What's on your mind, Skullo?
Libya. Because American politics is so bad and staring into the jaws of conservatism and how awful it is and whining about does no good. So I'm becoming more interested in Mideastern politics. Well about Libya, I'm growing concerned on the tenous grip that Qaddafi has on reality. (DUH. WINNING) and how the rebels are going to combat government forces. The American media is about whether or not NATO/US should intervene. I'm growing more towards a no fly zone in Libya. I don't know why. But government gunships and what not being shot down by NATO forces while the rebels fight with government on their own terms is actually good idea. Al-Jazeera and BBC seem more level headed about this uprising than the American media.  Of course, If I were the BBC, I would be pretty pissed at the Qaddafi for fucking beating up some of my team members.  Also, in a macabre thing I've thought about, what are the odds that Qaddafi gets killed in the fighting when the rebels get to Tripoli. 
Republicans D:!!!!!!
 Run far away from this beast. Run as far away you can possible because conservatives are taking over America and they want to divide America for the taking.  I cannot understate the hatred I have for these fuckers and tea party enablers. I thought Jon Stewart should've ripped into his Rand Paul for his fucking belief in that invisible hand of capitalism will solve everything and that fucking regulations will ruin us all. Oh my goodness, sir, you should go fuck yourself as humanly possible and then fuck yourself hard. Their ideas are horrible and all that. And their cuts hit the poor hard (which lends credence in my mind that republicans hate poor people.) Not that dems aren't doing the opposite thing. But goddamn, I hate the republicans. Also, the next primaries are going to be interesting because we get to see how badly all the republicans are going to take us back to Reagan. Whom I hate with a passion. That whole "I'm laughing because if I weren't, I'd be crying." is how I describe the Republican war on everything that is democratic.


Just one thing:
My god, I love this game more than Diablo. Holy shit. I'm in the middle of the game and loot they give you crazy, holy fuck.  But it's weird, I can only play for a certain amount time before I go, "I'm done with it." I'll be happy when I get a computer that could play Torchlight II. But I cannot tell you how sad it makes me that they're eventually going to make a Torchlight MMO.  Saddens me badly.

I'm backing away from Shmups as slow as I can.

Based from what I've seen in the Hardcore: Uprising QL, it looks like that when mainstream developers wanna make a shmups, they just use tropes from the old ones and ta da, here's a new piece of shit shmup with some HD artwork and an easy mode for the casuals and make the story as impenetrable as possible just so we know the people who discuss the virtues of the storylines is completely crazy. /dusts hands  There was a time when Shmups used to mainstay of  video games, but as we go on in the HD gen, they become more and more incoherent, more complacent to rely on the old ways of making 5 hours of material gameplay stretch out. It's bullshit as far as I know. Becausing using "Oh, you know, it's Contra flavoured" is an ass flavoured excuse from fanboys to make the shitty shmups seem palatable. and fuck the anime in Hardcore Uprising. That is a bullshit way of making money from the damned weeaboo market.  Except for few shmups made in these days that make innovations in shmups an actual thing to use. There is no saving this horse from the glue factory. God help us all should they decide to innovate the genre.


[Blog post] I <3 you Sonny Chiba.

So, I just saw "The Street Fighter" with Sonny Chiba. It was quite awesome. The gore and the acting was all over the top. I almost loved every minute of it.  The ending is such  blue balls though. I hope I can find the other 3 movies.
I think the main reason why I got the movie was because it was called "The Street Fighter" and having heard of Sonny Chiba in some circles' discussion. I got it from the pawn shop (among other movies.) for cheap. I wonder if there was a lawsuit from the people in Capcom or if Capcom ever got sued because of this. Hmmmmm..
So this blog post is mainly about Sonny Chiba. Who is the Asian Chuck Norris. You know what he fucking does? He fucking kicks ass though the power of Kung Fu.
It is so unbelievable in many parts especially when he

All through the power of KUNG FU! He is the master and can take on many amateurs.
The story line is so 70's awesome. He has to save this Millionaires' daughter from mobsters.  The ending is such blue balls.
So while I was watching this movie, I came to the conclusion that there needs to be a Red Dead Redemption but for Kung Fu set. If it was done well, I could see more people become interested in the Kung Fu genre because of it. or may be not. I don't know. but I would most certainly buy a PS3 and  play it if it were on the PS3.
For the last thought, I'd like to let you all know, Jet Li and or Jackie Chan couldn't even compete with the badassery of Sonny Chiba.

WH40k Space Marine is one of those games.....

We all should've expected it to come to fruition when the 3rd person shooter market exploded.  I think we all agree that this will be a great game experience to be fucking Space Marine and take out orks and chaos with a bolter mini gun. From what I've it looks to delivers what the hype is saying. I shouldn't be surprised that they're not using cover. But in my mind, I kinda expected for them to use that cover thing. But now I'm glad they're not using it. Because, you're a fucking Space Marine, sent from the God Emperor to dish out justice to the xenos. (My only exposure to WH40K is reading an Imperial Guard codex and DoW series.) It's going to really fucking great, you guys.


So I just got steam

and I'm over whelmed by it. There are just so many options. I haven't bought a game yet. But damn this shit looks off the hook, son.
I love the future.


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