My consoles

Nintendo 64 - Christmas 1997

Game Boy Color - Spring 1999

PlayStation 2 - May 2001

Xbox - January 2003

Xbox 360 - November 2005/August 2007

Nintendo Wii - Summer 2007

Xbox 360 S - December 2011

Nintendo 3DS XL - May 2013

Xbox One - November 2013

Nintendo Wii U - May 2014

Xbox One X - May 2018

Nintendo Switch - May 2018

Xbox Series X - December 2020

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GOTY Retrospectives

It is incredible to think that nearly ten years have gone by since the release of the Xbox 360. In many ways the release of the Xbox 360 in 2005 signified the start of my video game obsession. My brother and I sold my PS2, his Xbox and the majority of our games to reserve a console for day one release (thank goodness we did not sell the Nintendo 64). We were desperate and used all means necessary to get an Xbox 360... Needless to say, we jumped the gun a little soon and sold everything 4 months ahead of the release. It was a rough four months during which I played a lot of Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball on the Nintendo 64. To top it all off, the EB Games or GameStop took too many pre-orders and we had to wait past launch day... Nonetheless, the excitement of opening that box cannot be overstated. Nothing beats the smell of opening a new game or new console. Here we are ten years later after countless 3 red lights, a Wii purchase, the advent of Steam, a 3DS purchase and the Xbox One launch. It has been a fun ten years to look back on.

Check out for MY GOTY Retrospectives. Here's to ten more!