The Worst Games I Actually Enjoyed

This right here is the list of critically panned or crappy games that I had way more fun with than I probably should have:

List items

  • This one's on here not so much because I think it's bad, I actually think that despite some unbalanced design and poorly explained mechanics, it's a ridiculously underrated and fantastic game! I seem to be alone in this thought but whatever, I played the hell out of it and loved every second of it. If you're curious, definitely do your first playthrough as a Champion, and playing on the hardest difficulties and trying not to die forces some really interesting tactics and strategies.

  • This game has some hilarious ragdoll physics, using a sonic blaster gun to blow people through objects was hilarious, and the rest of the combat was surprisingly fun, too bad the levels were repetitive and the graphics iffy.

  • I got this game from GameFly. It was actually really entertaining. The chase down people mode over rough terrain was pretty fantastic and surprisingly difficult.

  • First of all, the title, second of all, the physics were hilarious. I don't think I ever played the game proper, I just tried to do crazy things with the physics and that was fun as hell.

  • Some people have fond memories of this game. I am one of them. Despite having a pretty much broken AI system among a myriad of other issues, I loved this game as a kid.

  • This SNES game is the game that introduced me to the concept of Deathmatches. No joke, it really did. It's very little known but surprisingly addictive and fun, well back in the day it was anyway.

  • I know I know, it's a freakin' image-hunt game. It has artifacted and blurry images, all signs point to terrible. Why do I love this game? I have no idea, but I do. I blame Where's Waldo.

  • I never quite understood all the hate this game garnered. The art style was weird, for sure. The single-player had some odd issues, but play it on the highest difficulty, where the maps expand and the tactics become more interesting, and it is actually really fun. The real meat of it was the multiplayer. Highly underrated and fantastically balanced with a huge weapon selection.

  • I remember being mesmerized by this game as a kid. It's actually made by Rare, or whatever their name was before they became Rare, and it shows. The isometric graphics (think Marble Madness) are phenomenal for an NES game, and the mechanics are truly weird. Snakes must eat bouncing feet, toilet seats (clams?), and all manner of objects to increase their length and weight to be able to put enough force on a pressure plate to open a door to the next level. Yeah, weird. Probably responsible for my fondness for snakes though

  • This is the GBA cover, but I played it on 360. And it rocked. I'm serious, this game was fun. It's kind of like Mario Kart and Tony Hawk mixed together, simplified a bit, and with fantastic course design. If you're looking for a quick and goofy play with some fancy waves, go for it!