Grinding achievements suck, and online ones are the worst

Grinding achievements in general are awful.  I enjoyed Blue Dragon, and I enjoy "completing" games as far as achievements go, but I have not completed, and likely will not complete, that game.  I did all the finnicky event achievements, got all the items, and beat all the enemies, but I'm not going to level all my characters to 99.  Perhaps some day I will do a little bit of that at a time, but it's unlikely when there are so many other better games to play. 
But what's even worse, in my mind, are the online achievements that are pretty much impossible to get unless you play online religiously, and even then, often only when you've done so from the game's launch, since with rare exceptions, a game's multiplayer component is likely to dry up relatively quickly as people leave for the next big thing.  Achievements certainly aren't everything, but I think they should only be allowed when they could be achieved long after the game's release, with at most one other person (except perhaps in those games that allow 4 player splitscreen).