First Blog

I'm going to get this out first, my favorite game of all time is Knights of the Old Republic.  So, as you can imagine, with the announcement of The Old Republic, I started to get excited.  As the game gets closer and closer to release my excitement gets higher with each tid-bit of information released.

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I know it will probably be similar to WOW in style, but I could see how that could be awesome in the Star Wars universe.  I've tried WOW and couldn't really get into the typical fantasy universe.  I liked the loot system in WoW and even found myself killing shit just to collect things to sell to store owners for that next piece of armour while I was still an extremely low level.  I would eventually lose interest though after a week or so.
I can maintain interest in an MMO though.  (Get ready to laugh)  I've played Runescape since it basically launched and over several years have gotten my character to a decently high level.  I know this isn't the same as these big boy MMOs, but I can commit once I get the level or loot lust going.  I think that just the Star Wars part of it will help keep me going at first until I get hooked.  I just hope I don't end up like one of those stories you hear about people addicted to WoW.
I have barely under a year left to wait and I'm sure I will continue to gain hype as they release some more bad ass CG trailers that have nothing to do with the game!  I just hope I don't get burned.