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Fuck man. Good for him but GBE will be so empty now :(

Yeah I'll probably end up watching a lot less of GBE content now. His happy high energy demeanor really warmed up any videos he was in. That was kind of needed to contrast Alex's dry cynicism.

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I feel like they are pretty cringe-worthy most of the time. Not that I really blame the people brave enough to call in/ask a question I would be just as bad.

Oddly enough I don't get the same reaction from the questions during the Co-Optional live podcasts. I guess they just have more rules set up like only one question and no life story.

Most of the comments from PAX or what have you from Giant Bomb feel like I'm watching a Ben Stiller movie ala Meet the Parents.

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@shagge said:
@moywar700 said:

Can anyone imagine the N64 went to Wii level graphics after 6 years the 64 came out?

Hell, we went from Wolfenstein 3D to Unreal in 6 years. Wolf3D to Quake in 4.

I miss those massive leaps. The last time I sat in true awe of a game's visuals was Crysis, and that was (holy shit) almost a decade ago.

Crysis is an old game now. So crazy. Took a long time for games to catch up to it visually. Also a fun game to play despite what people said. Not entirely related, but here is a screenshot of Crysis 3 in 4k. Keep in mind this game came out during the 360/PS3 era.

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I think there was some disappointment in the movement speed. It looked like it was going to be a very fast game until game play was revealed that looked super pokey. Maybe that was just me, though. I had the same feeling about Bulletstorm. The trailers made it look Quake 3 fast and it turned out no speedier than a Call of Duty.

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@49th said:

The patches are such a non-issue it's ridiculous how it's become such a big deal for people. I think most people finished playing the game, read the patch notes and assume it's the worst situation ever, when really they have made almost no difference and you don't have to engage with the microtransaction stuff if you don't want to. If anything the game is more enjoyable for me now than it was at launch. The challenges that were just added gave me around 6 million GMP, a ton of resources and 99 staff because I had completed a lot of them already, which allowed me to upgrade my base and develop a ton of stuff for free and I have never been invaded because I spent around 10 minutes previously setting up a decent FOB defense to deter people.

It took me forever to accept all the rewards from the challenges.

The latest update makes it way easier to understand how much GMP you have offline. It now has a separate counter for On hand GMP and FOB GMP so if you are worried about going into the red because the servers are offline or something (ick) you can make sure not to use all your offline money.

I have also been invades only once or twice which took 100k GMP from me. Which is not as much as it sounds at this point.

So my advice would be to just play it with all the patches.

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@thedeadcomedian : I've had similar feelings about TF2. After it went free to play they put out and endless stream of new weapons and it didn't work with me. I put 533 hours into team fortress 2 and I'd bet less than 8 came from post free to play.

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@uppercaseccc: Don't do that to me man.

Metal Gear Scalon is the closest we've gotten to... one of those in a while, but that was suddenly stopped without warning.

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I don't remember where my old Molten Core picture where I had a postage stamp of actual screen left getting ready for a 40 man raid, but that was pretty bad. Even if it only sorta counts since your UI would be custom.

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@takoyaki said:

The PC voice is a program Japanese streamers use that automatically reads chat for them. You can change the pitch of the voice.

Sucks that someone died. Keep an extinguisher nearby, people!

Why do you need a fire extinguisher? Just call the fire department. /s

I've been afraid to light incense at my desk recently because the burner is set on a wobbly part of the desk not far from other flammable stuff. It is scary to think how quickly a little match can get dangerous indoors.

I used to be super paranoid about fire until a few years ago at a camp out and I was just too worn out to care. Like I couldn't light matches for fear of burning my fingers paranoid. Now I like to light them because I like the smell.

It feels weird having a guy smoke while moe voices are played. Smoking used to be something edgy teens did, not people who celebrate Madoka's birthday.

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@core1065: Implying you don't want to drive a Kuratas.

The customization opinion would make sense but MGS 4 already had a pretty deep system in it already. It is pretty jarring seeing how every previous metal gear had real world weaponry and vehicles, but it's not that big of a deal.

Yeah I don't really think a weapon manufacturer is going to get butthurt because you swapped out the muzzle break for a suppressor or co witness the sights with a red dot. Especially considering the AR15 is more or less the Lego of the gun world.