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After reasonable success in that I actually finished a ton of games in the last 2 years, but didn't hit the numbers I intended to get

I'm going to try it again. This time I'm shooting for 52 points (this is a bit different this time as outlined below). It's a number I think is achievable and one that makes some intuitive sense (roughly a game a week).

inspired by the neogaf thread and using their rules

Am debating whether I should create a thread on the forums to see if others want to join in.

EDIT: as of 1/8/2016 I plan to use a scoring system and go for 52 points or better instead of 52 games. Obviously that should make it easier to clear, but also make it easier to allow myself to play amssive games.

What I'm going to try this year is a use a points system to better weigh that time commitment difference between genres but I don't have a solid rubric yet for what is fair. Here's what I'm thinking

  1. 1 point for most games 10-20 hour games
  2. 1 point for an expansion (most games don't have one these days but I have some on my backlog like Starcraft)
  3. 3 points for an Open World game that has 40hr+main quest. Why three instead of 2? because I never just mainline those things so in practice it's more like 80+. Kinda wonder if it should be 4.
  4. 0.5 points for story campaign style DLC that is longer than one hour
  5. 0.25 points per episode of an Episodic game. Why not 0.2? Because in my mind those games often end up being longer than a standalone adventure game and require more of a mental investment if played episodically

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