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Fear, Loathing and Video Game Repurchases

Perhaps the greatest curse gift of the digital age is the ease and convenience it makes in repurchasing (and theoretically replaying) games you've already played . Whether that be through bundles, trades, gifts & giveaways, steam sales, or even just the fact the video game store is now in your house and even on your phone.

GoG and Humble Bundle are particularly nefarious useful in this manner.

So in honor of the Final Fantasy Xiii Trilogy coming to Steam and my almost guaranteed repurchase of said series, I make this list to scare myself into realizing just how often I seem to be doing this. Oh my poor $. At least I have enough self restraint to usually hold off for steep sales. Rarely do I ever buy games at full or even half price.

Games intentionally purchased as gifts do not count. This, kids, is why backlogs are bad for you.

Houston, I think I have a problem.

Edit: Oh God there's more. Three additions to the list.

List items

  • I only discovered this just today, in the process of making this list. Apparently I've had this game for years as part of a Star Wars PC game collection I never touched. Which means my excitement over getting a good deal for a game "I've never had but always wanted to play" on Steam was totally baseless.


  • Easily the best repurchase I ever made. This was a nice way to get to replay some old Zeldas on modern (for the time) hardware and it was very cool to get some new content. Link to the Past was a strange and notable omission from the package.

    Maybe someday I'll actually beat Adventure of Link, perhaps when I inevitably purchase it for the third time.

  • And now for the worst. Once upon a time, a repurchase in except very few circumstances was almost certainly a mistake on my part. This game is the one that perhaps makes me cringe the most, in that I had purchased again at full price not realizing I already had it but never had played it (or MP2 for that matter).

    That was when I sat myself down and admitted to myself that my backlog fueled by gamestop used game deals was finally out of control. I still haven't even started MP3 yet....... or MP2.


    Easily my most expensive and egregious mistake to date.

  • (thrice or more) I don't know how many more times Nintendo can hook me to repurchase the game that cemented me as a "gamer", but I bet there's a few more times yet.

  • (thrice?) Like the original Mario bros, this one has hooked me on multiple platforms for nostalgia reasons. It probably will again.

  • (Thrice) Square is particularly bad, I mean good, about repackaging old classics in a way that's just enough to hook me again. Even though I'm more of a VI man, IV seems to be the one I rebuy and actually replay.

  • It came packaged with II on PS1 which I wanted to try, the real II not the good II (aka IV). Arguably I should have just replayed 1 instead.

  • (Twice) Squared once more. My GBA copy is actually still sealed in the shrink wrap and everything. I wonder if that's worth anything.

  • I can't stand this game!

    Ugh the card battles, the deck building grinding, the horrifically boring procedurally generated maps.

    But being the rigidly foolish person I can be sometimes, I refuse to let myself play KH 2 until I beat it. So I bought the Ps2 version on sale when it released in hopes of finally finishing the job. Nope still hate it, maybe even more now!

    D@mn it.

  • Playing TP on the Wii It didn't take me long to say

    "This plays like and graphically looks like a gamecube game! I bet I would enjoy it 1000% more without motion controls".

    I was right.

  • I'd rather not say how I ended up with two copies of this game.

    Alright you got me, I actually don't know how I did. Happy now?

  • This game was really really good and I never played the expansion. Didn't mind when Humble Bundle gave me a chance to get Immortal Throne expansion along with what I really wanted (Saints Row the Third). Honestly I'll probably never touch it, but I could if I wanted to! That's the important thing.




  • Humble Bundle is either the best thing ever or perhaps the worst.

  • Humble Bundled yet again!

  • Do I really have to say?

  • take a guess

  • Hmmm would I really re-buy a mediocre middle entry by a different creative team for a Shooter series I'm largely indifferent to in the first place again on purpose?

    Naw Humble Bundle.

  • take a wild guess

  • take an even wilder guess

  • take your wildest guess

  • Take your wilder-est guess

  • take your most-est wilder-er-est-est guess

  • Oh c'mon, I don't even like this one Humble Bundle.

  • I got GOG-ed into rebuying these games. Actually pretty glad I did. I've nearly played through them all since, so money well spent.

  • GOG-ed again! Haven't touched them, but actually really glad I did re-buy them. Looking forward to another playthough.

  • I kinda feel like Dark Arisen is like buying this again. I didn't mind because this game is super rad and I wanted to support it as well as enjoy the new content, but d@mn Capcom y'all can be lousy with this stuff. Thank god I'm not a hardcore Street Fighter fan. Those folks got it rough.

  • Now we are onto the Steam itself part of the list.

    Emblematic of what I imagine will be a troubling trend for me on a personal level, Now that I've switched to a gaming PC I'm quite proud of building, I seem to be repurchasing backlog games when they are on sale that I haven't finished yet on my Ps3 so I can play them now on my current platform of choice.

  • Curse you Capcom Weekend!

    It's cool, it's cool. You can't ever have too many copies of RE4. I mean you can, but you really can't. Know what I'm sayin?

  • The things I do to play games on my platform of choice.

    I played season 1 on PS3, but want to do 2 on PC. I mean I could just use a save generator but that feels dishonest to myself.

  • No excuse here, I played Witcher 1 on GoG on the advice of a GB friend and absolutely loved it. With Witcher 2 I decided I really wanted achievements to go with it (What? why are you looking at me like that?). So I re-bought it when it was on sale on Steam. Now with GoG Galaxy possibly coming,I feel pretty stupid.

    Not that stupid since collectively I spent less than 11 bucks combined for the both of them, but still pretty stupid.

  • Oh Slag you old lazy bones, you could avoid many of these problems if you just played games to your satisfaction when you buy them the first time.

  • Bought twice on principle because it's a dang good game (and well I got it for 5 bucks), and I felt like it playing again on PC.

    but man does GFWL blow.

  • Sometimes you just gotta take what comes with a bundle/series sale to get the other games you really want to play.

    At least that's what I tell myself.

  • I'm scared to look, but I think I somehow ended up with this on both GOG and Steam. Shwooopsie-doodle.

  • I have no idea why, but I thought I could play this game on DS. Turns out the controls were so unbelievably bad it was completely unplayable. Nothing as fun as knowing exactly what to do in a adventure game and then having stylus touches not register at all.

    Got it on sale for a dollar or two on PC, I figured it was worth another shot on a platform where it likely wasn't a total piece of hot garbage.

  • Yeah this one is all me, I thought I could convince my PC gaming buds to roll with me like my PS3 best bud did once before he took a gaming hiatus. Nope.

    Well... that's money not very well spent.

  • The least expensive way I saw to get the Awakening DLC by the time I was ready to play it was to just buy the Steam complete version.

    No regrets here.

  • The whole trilogy,yup. The list gets even uglier here on out.

    I keep looking at these games and I keep saying to myself I really really want to play this! But then I keep not doing it for fear of getting totally sucked in when my backlog is as big as it is.

    And so what I once intended to play on PS3, I now have Origin Copies as well. Because of course if I'm going to play this I ought to play in the best possible manner and all (since I'm going to like these games so much when I do).

    I'm somewhat afraid that if a definitive HD version comes out with DLC included, I may rebuy it yet again still never having touched them at all. Fortunately (?) I never bought the games independently so at least the cash outlay hasn't been too horrible.


  • Everything leading up AC III.

    Similar story to Mass Effect, It was a series I long wanted to play and when I switched to PC I decided to get them for my platform of choice. These games I've actually just started and I already have buyer's remorse. AC has wonderful worlds, but man the first one is just mechanically dull. I'm hoping it gets better as it goes along, but given the annual nature of this series, I kinda doubt it will.

  • What's that you say Brain? I already own Tomb raider 1-3 + Last Revelation on both console and old school windows and that buying them again is silly? What's that you say? I already have Anniversary,Legend and Underworld on last gen consoles too?

    Pssssht don't be ridiculous Brain. That ain't Steam, and look how cheap it is and bundled altogether too in a nice convenient summer series sale! Do you really want to dig out those old boxes and try to get them working or would you rather plunk down your dinner money to have them work properly/easily on your current PC?

    Dinner is for suckers anyway.

    laziness ftw

  • I never was a Sega Kid. So whenever I see Genesis games all packed together on sale, I tend to buy them. Sega does this so often, I'm sure I have duplication in many of these multi-packs. I'd actually be mildly disappointed if I don't.

  • Final Fantasy games are now coming to Steam.

    Oh my, this is going to be a problem isn't it?