Fear, Loathing and Video Game Repurchases

Perhaps the greatest curse gift of the digital age is the ease and convenience it makes in repurchasing (and theoretically replaying) games you've already played . Whether that be through bundles, trades, gifts & giveaways, steam sales, or even just the fact the video game store is now in your house and even on your phone.

GoG and Humble Bundle are particularly nefarious useful in this manner.

So in honor of the Final Fantasy Xiii Trilogy coming to Steam and my almost guaranteed repurchase of said series, I make this list to scare myself into realizing just how often I seem to be doing this. Oh my poor $. At least I have enough self restraint to usually hold off for steep sales. Rarely do I ever buy games at full or even half price.

Games intentionally purchased as gifts do not count. This, kids, is why backlogs are bad for you.

Houston, I think I have a problem.

Edit: Oh God there's more. Three additions to the list.

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