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Games of the Decade - 2010's

Like with any of these lists, there's always gonna be stuff you missed, forgot or just didn't get to play. While I haven't finished everything in this list (nearly all of them tho), these are all games I feel I've spent enough time with to at least feel they deserve placement on the list. There are some bangers I left off because I feel I need to revisit further and there's a few that are included despite brief playtimes because I just know they speak to me already.

as the decade comes to a close, figured it'd be fun to take a snapshot of how I feel at the moment.

for me I think this past decade of games might have been slightly better than the one prior. It's a tough call as 2000-2006 were some of the best years in games. But this decade only had a couple of weak years (maybe just one really in 2014) and imo had greater diversity in terms of which genres were cranking out hits. It's academic really. Every decade of games has been pretty darn great so far.

Some notable themes in this decade was the rise of online multiplayer, it certainly changed how and what I play fundamentally. I'm more social now in my gaming adulthood than I've ever been. It feels....healthier.

The return of 2d and pixel games to the mainstream thanks the Indie game revolution. As a guy raised on platformers that made me pretty happy. I'm honestly stunned how many "metroidvania" type games of some sort are on here

And the general increased availability of games from all eras. Never in history has it been so easy and affordable to play games from any time period. It's easy to take for granted and easy to forget.

Inspired by @liquiddragon's list

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List items

  • Picked this version, because more content only made this game better.

    DD has its' flaws and fair detractors, but love is blind (as proven by the affection system in game) and it really connected with me on a level a game hasn't since I was a kid. The combat, the dynamic nature of the world, the general Berserk-esque aesthetic, the super weird story and twists

    If it wasn't for DD, I doubt I'd still be gaming as it revitalized my passion for it. So it easily goes to number 1 on the list.

  • I'm actually not much of a shooter guy, but PUBG has so much variability that every game feels like its' own unique story and adventure. The short ttk, the nature of looting and terrain, allows me to be competitive with players who have much better twitch aim than myself. And allows some really crazy things to happen. It's also the rare mp game that I enjoy just as much solo as I do in a group.

    It's even more amazing when I consider just how poorly this game performs and is managed. A hypothetical PUBG 2 that doesn't change much other than performance would be simply incredible. We maybe had a glimpse of what that could be earlier this year when the game actually ran fairly well.

    definitely my mp game of choice 2017-?

  • The only game on this kind of list (if I had published for the 2000's) for 2 decades. And the only one likely to be on a third

    DOTA is perhaps the best e-sport ever made and it's helped me manintain and gain friendships that have lasted eons

    really hard to decide if this or PUBG belongs at 2.I think I give the edge to PUBg atm for 2 reasons

    1-PUBg gives me fun ways to play to without ever having to team with randoms and all the stress/toxicity that comes with that.

    and 2- DOTA demands so much more of my time in nearly hopeless matches and setup. At least when it's over in PUBG you aren't slowly tortured for 20 minutes+ as the opposing team whittles you to death either because they can or because they aren't skilled enough to make it quick. Pro DOTA play allows its' players to surrender but us plebs in pubs are stretched on the rack of waiting by the fountain until the ancient finally falls.

    but nothing eclipses the high of a great DOTA match. The balancing and viable combinations in this game is a sheer wonder to behold

    I ebb and flow with this game unlike any other, but ultimately I end up coming back.

  • While I've always loved Blizzard RTS campaigns, I never expected to get as sucked into laddering as much as I did in SC2. Why I didn't expect this I dunno, as I laddered a ton of Warcraft III too. But definitely not as much as I did with Sc2. There was a couple year period where I didn't play DotA thanks to this game.

  • RDR many not hold up as well under modern reflection, but at the time I was absolutely blown away by how much it felt like playing a video game version of my old man's cowboy stories he so loves.

    Rockstar and me don't typically get along, but this one and its' epic ending sure did.

  • Minecraft is something I appreciate from afar and don't have much interest in, but man is this a super cool way to implement some of those concepts into a structured narrative environment.

    This game really captures the sense of adventure as well being awesome DQ fan service. Plus city building! When is City building ever not fun?

  • Just like its' protagonist, this game has so much heart. I've rarely seen a character's playstyle so embody their personality. Kat is the ultimate free spirit, pretty much a super-powered do-gooder vagabond who just flies around flitting from thing to thing going on incredible adventures.

    Not sure what you want to call these games, 3D Platformers? Open World action? Flying games? Whatever it is, it's amazing

  • I really enjoy some good escapism in games and LA Noire really took me to another place in a way I've never another game before or since. 1950's L.A. was just lovingly recreated. Shame this game didn't work out financially or healthily for the employees. I'd love to more environments recreated with such care.

    the story of Cole Phelps really hooked me, I really enjoyed trying to solve mysteries (and being a real detective unlike batman who just punches the $hit out of thugs. Which is fun too in a different way)

  • Picked this version because it contains Ground Zeroes too. MGSV may not be the story we all wanted out of the end of the saga, but man does it sure nail the world and the gameplay. Absolutely best stealth sandbox ever. I replayed so many missions just for fun

  • not the JRPG I'd ever expect to like the best this gen. But you know what it kinda nailed everything. Had all the pluses of Persona's social system, without any of the BS calendar induced stress. Story was light hearted but well told. Characters very engaging. A flashy fluid battle system that was super fun execute

    and man the music. Holy cow. Not normally a J-pop guys, but boy did the music just make everything better in this game. especially the combat the way it's incorporated. Easily my soundtrack of the decade.

    the Fire Emblem aspects actually weren't much of a factor either way

  • Tenative placement- will revisit. I love me some Witcher stories but needs re-evaluation as to exact placement

  • I'm actually not that crazy about David Cage's story telling, but the novelty of this kind of game (which was new to me) was really compelling to me. Plus the subject matter was something I hadn't seen in games before. I was hooked and basically played this 2-3 days straight. Really reminded me of those old Choose Your own Adventure books.

  • When I think open world games that nail the flow state of side activities, I think of the Arkham games. Batman's glide just makes flitting about from thing to thing to thing so much fun. I did all those Riddler puzzles, because I liked it so much

    and then ontop of that they nailed the feel of an aged up version classic 90's cartoon.

    getting to play as Catwoman was a nice bonus too

  • At this point I don't feel like anybody needs to explain what Dark Souls is and what it means.

    Really debated where to put this on the list. I decided to slot it this high because honestly I wouldn't have created a Gb account if it weren't for the DS quicklook hosted by Vinny, Brad and Rorie. So this basically doubles as way to put GiantBomb itself on the list and thus why it's this high.

  • There are very very few media properties that can seamlessly blend comedy and tragedy/high drama but yakuza tone switches effortlessly and organically.

    I never could quite decide what I liked better Kiryu's angsty main story or his goofy side adventures, but I do know this for me it makes for a super fun time to explore a neighborhood. I'd much rather get to know an area like this in depth that transit some vast empty open world.

  • If this had dungeons on the scale of more linear Zelda games, than I would seriously entertain this as the GOAT Zelda. I really hope the next Zelda embraces this openness and free spirit Zelda as well. I always was a Zelda 1 guy.

    In any event it's a heck of an accomplishment and it's super nice for Zelda to feel like it matters in the way Zelda should again.

  • Before the matchmaking system and shrinking playerbase basically made it too hard to play with my friends (who were all considerably better than me), there was about 12-5 months where this game displaced DOTA in my life.

    So fast and fluid, and super engaging teamplay. The Pixar-esque production values are top shelf too.

  • The idea of playing a videogame D&D co-op always seemed like a theoretical impossible idea to me. To basically have it realized and have 3 ppl to play with was such an incredible thing

    having SRPG combat just made it 800% better. :)

  • as a guy who grew up on 2d Mario but also really likes 3d Mario, this was like my perfect synthesis of the 2. Very very underrated soundtrack

  • I don't want to say how much of this psychologically abusive game I've played. I don't care one bit for how much this game expects you to grind.

    I will say the "war mode" is some of the best MP experiences I've had this gen. Oddly nothing else has reminded more of the team experience of playing baseball as much as CoC does and that's been super fun. Most of that fun is largely due to the irl friends who are on my team instead of the actual contents of the game, but if it weren't for Clash we wouldn't have the venue to do this for now 6 years +

  • Closest thing to a Sports game on this list. I miss playing those and yet I also don't.

    When it comes right down to it, the Physics of this game are just super fun and fluid.

  • Similar to Heavy Rain, the novelty of the experience and type of story it told really captivated me. Telltale's shtick wore off on me pretty quickly after a bunch more of these, but I still think they really helped demonstrate the potential for episodic storytelling games

  • Once I saw a bunch of similarities to Parasite Eve, Control really clicked for me. The combat gets better and better as you unlock more powers. So does the exploration. And the story stays compelling all the way through, though it doesn't quite deliver on some conflicts I would have liked to see

    one little nuance I really appreciated an hope other games steal is how the camera zooms in on Jesse and you hear her inner monologue when conversing with NPCs.

    nice to see Remedy killin it again.

  • I just really like Persona games. They've really got a great formula. Great Style, great gameplay, great way to interweave story and fantastic music.

    the only rough edge these games have left is they don't give you great tools to figure out how to plan your time, but this one comes a lot closer than 4 or 3 to making that less wasteful. Awesome game!

  • One thing I never liked about GTA games is that they don't feel tactile. Sleeping Dogs is super tactile, Traversal feels important, combat feels more like a reactive brutal ballet than Batman's and it helps that the story had some good hooks too.

  • Indie Metroidvania+Other Genre #1 out of ? On this list. Dunno how Lab Zero decided to combine Valkyrie Profile with Super Metroid but it really works. The platforming could be a touch better as the game isn't sure what failure should mean, but man is the combat special. Sure helps that the story and especially the animation are pretty good too.

    Indivisible is also a good reminder about how rarely Indian and South East Asian settings are used in games, hopefully we'll see a lot more of those

  • I've tried Hitman games before. Never clicked. maybe they've just improved the QoL stuff, maybe it's just watching Brad/Hitsmas play and "getting it" that way but once I got it, I really got it. A clockwork Sandbox murder puzzle is a super fun thing it turns out once you know how to use it

  • Never in a million years would I have thought that a game about bureaucracy or paperwork would be near anywhere this compelling

    It's a game I enjoyed playing and it's game that really made me think about my choices. Not many games do

  • FFXiii gets a bit of a bad rap imo. It's got some serious pacing problems no doubt, especially when Chapter X hits, and that and the unsatisfactory way it ends is why it's not higher on this list. But honestly it's not structurally that dissimilar to the beloved FFX. When it works narratively and you give it a chance to work, it really works in the middle bits. And the score is among the very best in the entire franchise.

    Once the Paradigm Shift combat system finally opens up all the way, it gets super fun in a way Final Fantasy used to be and frankly hasn't been in 10 years since.

    It's a shame it couldn't put it altogether consistently all the way the through, but FFXiii gave me some great moments of the classic FF magic and since I haven't seen that since, I've grown to really appreciate it more and more as time goes by.

  • I've long wanted a AAA western dev to give a crack at SRPG on console and that's exactly what Firaxis did.

    typically I don't like roguelike type elements, but the disposability of your characters actually made grow much more attached to them

  • Easily the best playing Mortal Kombat ever. A really great synthesis of the best aspects of MKIX (the story mode) and MKX (the actual combat) plus the greatest fighting game tutorial of all time.

    If it weren't for the Krypt mtx nonsense would be higher on the list

  • One of the first indie games I ever played. Definitely sold me on them as an idea and I think was influential in changing how 2d games look and can look.

  • Similar in quality to Xi, has the better story (in retconning and retelling Mk1-3), but doesn't compare as well imo as a fighter

  • Really debated which fighter was better this or MKXi/IX

    I give the slight edge to Mk because the production values are better there.

    the character creator is the best I've ever seen in fighting games and feels very difficult to improve upon.

    Really nice to SC back to relevance when people talk about making Fighting games more accessible I feel like they just need to play SC as I think it largely has solved the execution barrier. They are Arcadey fast without complicated movesets while still retaining a ton of depth

  • I'm not enamored with the mp as much as most people (it's fun for sure). Leave it to Nintendo to come up with a way to make a shooter non-violent and still fun

    What gets it up this high with me is the surprisingly robust single player campaign.

  • A truly unique thoughtful a bit saccharine beast, I think it starts a little too slow but the it has a good payoff for that buildup and the game doesn't overstay its welcome. Undertale really does a smart job of subverting many JRPG tropes in some very clever ways

    and a super epic soundtrack to boot.

  • I ever mention I like fusing SRPG combat with roleplaying?

    Shadowrun pretty much perfects it. What a fun game with a great story.

  • A throwback to how JRPGs used to be and boy is that nice to see in proper modern HD 3d. I'd love to play more of these. Maybe the rest of the world doesn't agree but I still think semi-linear turn based JRPGs make fun games today too.

  • You ever play a game that just feels good to play? Guacamelee and The Messenger both nail that. Guacamelee wins based on superior style, being older and having slightly more fun combat

  • I don't think I ever met a 2d Zelda I didn't like. I would have preferred to not have a recycled Hyrule, but it was super fun to see all the old environments from aLttP again.

  • Shlooters are kinda meh with me, but this franchise worked for me because of how much like a semi-linear RPG it also somehow is.

    I also like Tiny Tina and think she's funny. I don't care what anybody else thinks haha

  • More of a Tomb Raider guy than Uncharted. I just think these games play better. Certainly felt like the collectibles are more fun in TR and hey even if TR barely ahs tombs anymore, at least it still has them.

  • About as much fun platforming as it gets in a FPS shooter and as about as good of a story as FPS get.

  • Never been a Doom guy, probably still not really one. But now I get it in a way I didn't back in the day. The fact there's so much collectible hunting helped sell me on it.

  • I go back and forth which of the XCOM games I like better. I like 2's character creator system a lot, but not crazy about the turn limits

    I really appreciated the conceit too that the good end didn't happen in EU

  • Man the story in this one goes some places and it has my respect for that. Just amazed this thing exists. Even more stunned it's in the Spec Ops franchise of all things.

  • I don't know what it's like to be in a trance, but I suspect when I was playing HM I was pretty close to being in one. This game is dark and hypnotic

  • typically I don't like Rogue-like games or procedural generated stuff, but the "rogue-lite" aspects of it kept me engaged enough to clear it. was fun to feel like I was getting stronger and faster

  • I dug this a lot and it was neat to actually have to use the 3d on the 3DS. I just didn't like playing it on the 3DS hardware as much being able to play on a TV with a standard controller. Also actually kinda liked the wider levels of 3d world

  • Seems like every Mario character is gonna get their own awesome spinoff series before Princess Peach (don't get me wrong Super Princess Peach is fun but it's basically a SMB game)

    I didn't expect to like CT: TT, but you know what? It's a darn good time and tbh I can't think of a single way to make it better. And that's a rare/nice feeling to have

  • more or less same thing as Guacamelee. I think the platforming is a little better in this one, combat a little better in that one. Difficulty in the mid game also gets real real rough for a minute before the big headfake

  • Even more abusive than Clash of Clans, and yet somehow this is the best Transformers game I've ever played?

    I think for me it captures a few aspects other TF games never have. TF is a toyline about armies and this game lets you command squads of Autobots (or Decepticons), it also is about collecting bots - again a key part of being a TF fan, and lastly it has an ongoing story by the central creative voice behind TF fiction-Simon Furman.

  • So many good metroidvanias mashups this gen, here's yet another. I never knew I wanted pinball metroidvanias. But now I know I want more.

    Making the main character a dung beetle was an incredibly inspired choice

    what a lovely beautiful super chill game

  • I'm just so happy to see this series return. Such a unique SRPG beast and I love everything about it stylistically and gameplaywise.

    it's unfortunate the way game handles some of its portrayal towards the character Kai. It's a needless blemish on an otherwise very enjoyable game

  • Probably the only true proc-gen game I like and that's because the platforming is just so darn fun to execute.

    I don't know what wizardry Derek Yu used but every seed feels like it's hand crafted.

    I doubt I'll ever beat it, but I've gotten close a few times

  • Boy this game feels like it should be higher, but it came out so disjointed and piecemeal at launch and never completely recovered. I like playing it online and the iconic characters, but there's no question the sp stuff in this game just isn't up to modern standards.

    there's times when I think Capcom should just ride it out with SFV and then there's times where I think they need to clean the slate and just do a SFVi right from the start

    Game's a lot better now that my main (Sakura) was added haha

  • A game that's pretty much only here because of the incredible style.

    Never will cease to amaze me as to what is now possible to make in games today.

    It's playing a cartoon live, it really is.

  • This was the generation I discovered I really like Metroidvanias

    I probably like AM2R a touch more, but boy this one got good once Samus got a few beam width upgrades, before that the circle pad aiming was a little rough

  • I get why people like these games now. I should play the other 4-5.

  • Never played a game where conversation flowed so naturally, especially one where the player can interject and interrupt it. I'm still not sure how they pulled it off

  • If there was an award for Best Styyyyyle for a Fire emblem game, SoV would have won hands down. While I like the modern FE games too with their relationship systems, I appreciated a back to basics story approach a lot. Which is funny since mechanically this one may be the biggest departure with its dungeon crawling and grinding.

    But most critically adding in a system to be able to rewind your moves is a QoL feature I can't live w/o now in future games

  • Tenative placement- will revisit. Nier was off to a great start with me but got distracted fiddling with troubleshooting the PC version. Likely will end up much higher

  • Tenative placement- will revisit. You ever get too exicted to play a game that you don't keep going? That's me and H:ZD rn. Likely will end up much higher once I put more than a few hours in

  • Never seen small town rust belt America captured so well in a game. Haven't played too many 2d platformer adventure games, but I hope to see a lot more of these.

  • Some people express themselves better through their work than their words. I suspect Phil Fish might be one of those people

    Fez imo basically realizes the potential of Paper Mario layered worlds as a platformer much better than Super Paper Mario did.

  • Lot of metroidvania aspects of this was pretty standard, but I super enjoyed the story bits.

  • Ace attorney games are so entertaining. It honestly makes playing other adventure games tough. SoJ definitely brought the twists and turns I love sop much in these games

  • Sometimes I wonder how I'd view this game if it weren't for the epic narrator. I think I'd still like it, I really appreciated an isometric action game at the time. Bastion was at the forefront of a very welcome 2d renaissance this gen

  • Might be a bit fan servicey and arcadedy… ok it's actually a lot of those, but I like this IP so I like this. :)

  • It's just really dang awesome to finally see classic G1 TF characters in HD at long last. Having it be a Platinum game just makes it all the better

  • Ok I get the appeal of these games now. I hope Capcom continues to smooth out some of the unnecessary hard edges in these games further.

  • I didn't know I wanted to play a modern Myst game until I played Obduction. Turns out when you make the puzzles a bit easier the story aspects of the weirdness of Cyan's worlds shines through a lot better.

  • Cast was getting a little bloated, but hey glad to see Ace Attorney reclaim its optimism even if it unfortunately sacrificed a lot of the potentially compelling character development from Apollo Justice

  • Y'know Dragon Quest games don't get nearly enough credit for their stories. Anyone who ever tells you they are all the same clearly doesn't play these games because they are definitely not.

    As per usual the DQvii story is super long (it's over 20 hours before the core systems even open up) and it's super melancholy. This one especially so. I had to put it down for a bit because it was so affecting at times.

  • Always makes a big difference when you have an original creator on a project. In South Park's case you pretty much have to at least like their humor to like these games, but if you do or are fan these games are a hoot. Surprisingly brisk and engaging JRPGs too. Never would have guessed that would be the genre that suits South Park the best. There should be more 20 hr JRPGs, that's a great length

  • This maybe should be higher. First time I tried to play this, it didn't connect with me and I bounced off. But once I got engaged with the story and realized the Oxygen management becomes a non-factor I think it *might* be better than 2? Story definitely is

  • Not as profound for me as it seems to be for others, but it sure is neat for an afternoon. And beautiful

  • I never liked how in GTA it was basically a game of streets, in the Division you can actually go inside a ton of places in NYC. It makes the world feel like it has a ton more depth. Pretty neat to play a game a recognize virtually all the environments

    The combat is serviceable and the story is basically well.. terrible

    but what really sets the Division apart is the crazy PvPvE area called the Dark Zone. It doesn't really work but it sure was neat to tool around in for 20 hours or so and have some weird "will they or won't they murder me" adventures (and sometimes "Will I or won't I murder them") with other players.

  • This also serves as placecard for Blood Dragon- which imo was more fun than the base game with a more enjoyable story.

    Vaas might be the villainous character of the decade. Such an iconic performance. Story lost a lot of gas once he exited stage left and I lost my motivation to finish tbh

    FC3 really smoothed out a lot of the rougher edges of FC2, but maybe went too far in cases. At some point I realized what I really enjoyed playing in the game was the outposts, solving the combat puzzle of each one. Once I cleared those all out, I pretty much had my fill

  • Well if TF Devastation got the look of TF right and TF: Earth Wars got the aspect of the being a collector right, Fall of Cybertron got the story side aspect with meaningful plot events right (and did it before the others).

    Hopefully someday a TF game will get all these aspects right. This decade gave me hope it will happen someday

  • Finally Pikmin clicked for me. I think maybe the tech was finally good enough to let Miyamoto realize his vision, because now it's actually fun to play without being super stressful watching helplessly as your pikmin lemming themselves into certain death (usually water)

  • I always appreciate when FF takes chances, and boy it took some here.

    not gonna say it's perfect or executes everything well, but give me this FF over play it safe fan-servicey FFXiii-2 any day (will say that ending to Xiii-2 hit me like a truck full of lit dynamite)

  • yet another Indie mashup of existing genres that somehow ends up being amazing. Turns out Smash Brothers combat in a 2d action platformer works really dang well. Game's got a great sense of style too.

  • No game in this list probably has fallen further over time. it's still DA which I like, but man do the Hinterlands pacing problem just mess everything up with this game even worse than FFXiii's pacing problem. And the combat seems indecisive if it wants to be action of pause & play. Which is a shame because it does so much well too. I really appreciated how pretty much all the politically powerful NPC characters were female, that was a subtle choice that I don't think many people noticed.

  • Tenative placement- will revisit. You ever get too exicted to play a game that you don't keep going? That's also Bayonetta series for me atm. I removed 2 and lowered 1 until I really go deep on that. I want to properly play through all of 1 before re-ranking 2.

  • Tenative placement- will revisit.I'm a sucker for combining SRPGs with things and really liked the general flow of the game. But the audio mixing was really getting to me, everything sounded washed out. Need to give this another go

  • I didn't like a lot of the changes they made, I get why the female characters aren't there for story reasons but I'm not crazy about it. I also don't like how single character oriented the combat is or the camera angles with said combat.

    but it's still FF so I like it.

  • Similar to Guacamelee and Messenger, yet another actiony arcade Metroidvania that just has super rewarding feel.

    a touch easier than those 2, I think I never broke flow state the entire game. I can't wait for a 3rd one of these. This was great!

  • I could a lot more of these side-scrolling 2d adventure games if they are going to be of the quality of the Fall and Night in the Woods.

    man was the story and puzzles good in this one.

  • Y'know Axiom Verge reminded me just how fun the old Contra games were to control

  • I need to play the sequels to see how the story ends. But whoever thought to combine SRPG combat, with Oregon Trail mechanics and this aesthetic is a genius. I love these sorts of surprises that happened a lot this decade

  • Strike the Earth is one heck of a rockin chiptune and Sk sure nails the feel of an old Capcom NES platformer.

    The post launch support was absolutely incredible and maybe frankly a little too intense for me, but you gotta respect it. We'll likely never see anything like it again.

  • I know I called some other things in this list like a CYA book, but this is pretty much straight up one. But a much much better written one

  • You ever play a puzzle game that's just fun? That's what this is.

  • it's just nice to have Mega Man back with what feels to be a proper modern effort. Now if there's a MM12, they need to make some further adjustments (Dr Wily's castle is a lot easier with saves), but for now I'm just really glad to see a return of an old friend.

  • Spider-man isn't quite as fun to play as Batman when it comes to traversal, and his rogue's gallery definitely isn't nearly as good, and his New York isn't as fun to explore as Arkham

    but it's still pretty good. :)

  • I'm always going to enjoy 2d Mario, but Mario Maker never grabbed as much as it did the staff. The creation tools are absolutely great, so intuitive and fun!, but the way Nintendo gates them behind days played is really heavy handed and dumb. And critically the sharing just isn't what it probably needs to be.

    I think if I ever get Smm2 I need to get the digital version, because Having to keep the disc in the drive when I just wanted to peck at it for a 20-30 minutes before playing something, made me just drop the game completely after a week.

  • Easily the best thing Zeboyd has made thus far. They really nailed some aspects of a Chronotrigger type 2d JRPG. Specifically the encounter and combat system. They also killed it with the music

    But the writing and character design aren't really in the same ballpark.

    Still this is perhaps the closest anyone has come and one of the very few to even try.

  • I didn't really think a ranged Soulsy game would work, but this one sure does. Maybe because it's not nearly as punitive as Dark Souls. Always kind of amazing that game actively discourages headshots at times. I respect that creative courage. Last boss fight was underwhelming frankly and am really glad I played it co-op because this game is not well balanced for solo play.

    it's also a AA B ass B game in general and I'm very ok with that.

    TLDr: super fun combat, just decent everything else.

  • GH is short as heck, but it sure maximizes its' time with you. It's been eclipsed by far more elaborate things (like Edith Finch), but this one sure sold me on this genre conceptually and none of its' ilk has impacted me like this one did.