GOTY 2017

I'm never really ready to make one of these (especially due to the fact most of what I play is usually months to years after release) but this year is easily the least prepared I've ever been. Fortunately for a good reason, the best reason of all actually, the games are just that good. And to complicate matters further many of the elite games are absolutely huge ones (I’ve got at least three titles in the list with over 100 hours played in each). But deadlines being what they are, at some point you have to put pen to paper and I’m doing this for matter of record. Perhaps like Mento I’ll post a revised list later, though I’m mulling over a more ambitious solution.

2017 has been an absolute embarrassment of riches for gamers, the likes of which I maybe haven't seen in 19 years. Just about genre had at least some sort of decent title (even RTS had a few) and a large number of companies put out some really great stuff (except for *cough* *cough* EA and Konami). I saw this crest of titles coming last year and man to my delight did it deliver. In all honesty this is a year where limiting a list to 10, probably isn’t the right call. There’s that kind of depth.

So unlike previous years, I don't feel bad at all about not having finished much of the list. I plan to take my time with 2017's bevy of games and savor them, for a crop like this one are at best once in a generation. It’s just not worth it to blast through a generational great for the sake of a list, since I do this for fun. I fully expect the ordering of this list to probably be radically different in 18 months or so by the time I've had to really sit down with all the 25-30 viable candidates for the top 10. That could mean even number 1, which I just changed my mind about in the last 2 weeks.

With that being said, I'm going to disclose how much of each game I've played to give any interested readers an idea of how permanent a placing each game is on the list. That way you can discount my opinion if so inclined where you feel appropriate J

Chances are if there's a game not on this list that you think might be up my alley, it's likely because I just haven't gotten to it yet. There's at least 10 serious contenders I haven't touched meaningfully yet.

Just a headsup might be some light spoilers below, don't think there is anything crazy but I don't remember how to use spoiler tags/block in the actual list.

List items