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My first Game in a Franchise is my favorite 42.4% of the time

I once read an argument made that the first game you play in a series is likely going to be your favorite. So I decided to see if that was true for me. At least from what I can tell for me it isn't. More than half the time so far my favorite game is played second or later. Firsts listed at the top.

updated 1/19/17-So I've noticed a trend in the additions. For series that I don't particularly like, I usually like the first one best. Not sure if that says something about me or the series. Old 38.9% - New 42.5%

Updated 3/2/17 -Old score 42.5% - New 41.6%

Updated 2/19/18 - Old 41.6% - New 43.4%

Updated7/6/20 - Old 43.4% - New 42.4%

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