Games Finished/Quit in 2018

I wanted to do another list tracking what games I've finished this year. I'm doing it with movies, so why not make a list with my favorite hobby.

List items

  • [Completed on 1/10/18 on WiiU]

    In an effort to complete everything on my WiiU so as to feel comfortable selling it, I found that I had bought one of my favorite childhood Castlevania games on the Eshop and it was sitting in an almost 100% state.

    So, I went ahead and killed Dracula, became Dracula, and then killed Chaos or something?

    Man this game is good.

    5/5 (RIP, will be missed)

  • [Completed on 1/13/18 on WiiU]

    This game has a weak story, repetitive gameplay, and generic characters and I loved it.

    This is JPop the game by way of Persona with lip-service to the Fire Emblem lore. The crafting and leveling mechanics are engaging, the battle system is very fun, although you rather early on plateau in power since you are ultimately limited by the LUCK skill with how many Sessions you can get.

    The story is for the most part, garbage, and while the characters are bland, they are still endearing. It took me a while to get through this one, since I wanted to take a break and not ruin myself on JRPGs as Persona 5 was coming out, but I finally got back to it and enjoyed finishing it out. This game is far greater than the sum of its parts.