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Baseball season is here!

 Now that baseball season is here, I've been rarely been able to get on this site as much. Either I'm working out or watching baseball games. as usual I keep hearing the same ol fans rooting for the sorry ass Yanks or the respectable Boston Red Sox. I myself am a marlins fan seeing that I'm from Miami. 
What sucks is that as usual the Marlins ain't got love from the fans. They're off to a pretty good start from my point of view. They're sitting in second place and yes I do know that it's way too early to get excited, but hey, that's just me.
 The overrated Yanks are off to a poor start. If they even want a repeat of last year they gotta wake up very soon because compared to last year, this team is very inexperienced. Last year they were all pure veterans and it was no wonder they won the World Series.
I can keep going on and on about baseball analysis but I'll leave it at that for now.
Who are you going for?


Porn on the PSN?!

Hey guys. Today I was listening to last week's Kotaku's podcast and they were talking about whether or not it's a good idea to have porn distrubeted on the PSN or XBLA. They also revealed that the Japanese PSN has porn available for download already and they justify it vecause the Japanese, which we all know by now, pixilate the genetelia. 
Personally I think that it'll be stupid if they allow it to be downloaded here in the US. Think about it, politicians and a lot of other people try to ban games that are rated M because they either have too much violence or too much crude language. Also, when it comes to games like GTA, idiots like Jack Thompson, try their hardest, to no avail, to ban the damn game for stupid reasons like cop killing. Do I even have to elaborate on the Hot Coffee Mod?
So imagine if they do bring porn to the PSN or XBLA, people like Jack will take advantage and bring both companies to court with a whole mess of lawsuits. And god knows that they might actually win and we can say hello to even more stricter censorship across the gaming industry. Besides, if you think about it you already have porn via the PS3's browser and the Opera browser on the Wii.
What do you guys think? Should porn be made available for console's download services?


Any Linkin Park fans in here?

 Then check out Chester Bennington's new video and song "Crawl Back In" by his own band "Dead By Sunrise". I love Linkin Park. As a matter of fact it's my favorite band of all. But I think Chester should stick with Linkin Park because personally. I think this song sucks as well as the video. I've heard other songs by his band and they suck as well.
What do you guys think?  


Any Jay Z fans in here?

Then check out his new song "The Run Down" video if you haven't already! Aweome video and song. His ne album "The Blue Print " 3 comes out this Friday!!!


Reasons why I feel that Raiden wasn't really necessary for MGS 4

Before anyone reads this, keep in mind that these are just my opinions and since we are on that topic I really don't like the Raiden character that much. But don't confuse it with me hating the game cuz the MGS series happens to be my favorite game series. So that being said Here are my reasons on why I feel that Raiden was forced into the story for the sake of giving the character, and fans of course, closure on his story:
My first reason is, the fact that in the middle east he does not make an appearance even when you first encounter the Gekkos, which means that Snake can easily take care of them, well maybe not that easily but nonetheless take care of them, without Raiden's help.
Another reason is, the fact that the story is purely centered around Snake and people that are associated with him such as, Big Boss, Eva, Otacon, etc.
People may say that Raiden was there for one important reason which is to take care of Vamp. Which to me is not true, cuz if you think about it Snake is the one that really kills him when he injects the syringe into Vamp's neck basically taking out his immortality after that all snake had to so was shoot him and that's it. But for the sake of having Raiden there they make him come in at the time and even Raiden tells Snake to leave Vamp to him while he takes care of the Gekkos.   It could easily have been the other way around with snake finshing off Vamp and Raiden takinh care of the Gekkos like he's been doing throughout the entire game .
Another thing is that they made Raiden so damn emo and depressing. It's like at one point you're enjoying the story and the other one they're trying to make you cry by hearing how Raiden is "the lightning in the rain, the rain transformed". Or how he denies having a family when in fact he does. Like they tried to make him sort of like Snake when in fact he's nowhere close to him or snake's mental state. Especially when he gets the whole detailed story on how he was created not born.

To be here or not to be?
To be here or not to be?
Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that the game could still have been better without Raiden and focused the Raiden parts into more of Snake stories. also Raiden will never be the better ninja than the one and only Gray Fox.   still though the game is incredible.        

Final Fantasy XII

I was wondering something. I have Final Fantasy XII laying around unbeaten since I got it. I have found the game to be quite difficult, I want to beat it mainly cuz I like beating all my games and so far I have. All I need bow is to beat this one and I can officially say that I have beaten all my games in my collection.

So the question is: do you guys really think that Final Fantasy XII is worth finishing?


What's up with all these "first" comments?

I've been seeing a lot of videos and news comments with users putting up "first" comments. Like, what the fuck does that suppose to mean? Who cares if your first!? I', pretty damn sure no one cares. And I doubt vry much that the giant bomb staff are going to care or for that matter give you something like a free game for putting something stupid like that.

Am I the only one that finds these thins annoying?

Sorry I had to say something about it cuz it's becoming more trendy as the days pass by.


New Linkin Park video "New Divide"

Alright guys, I don't know how many Linkin Park fans are here (if any), but I happen to be one and a big one at that. So getting to the point, here is their new music video from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack called '' New Divide". I personally think that its just straight up awesome. What do you guys think?

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