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I started a youtube channel! I've been working on it the past couple of ...

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Splinter Cells Essentials is pretty average 3

I posted this from an old website.Well to be honest Splinter Cell Essentials is not bad even though no site has reviewed it yet but its not exactly great either. I think they should have definently delayed it a little bit longer becuase its got some glitchy gameplay and the graphics are pretty horrible compared to other psps games.The graphics for the game are pretty bad with the night vison on which almost every splinter cell game looks bad using it but it looks like chaos theory for the ds whi...

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American Mcgee creates an interesting universe with Grimm 0

The plot is you play as grimm [from brothers and grimm storys] and you turn nice child like stories into realistic and kind of depressing ones. The first one is called The Boy Who Went to Learn Fear and it takes about a half hour to beat but it also has leaderboards where it records your time and you can compare it to other people and try to beat their time later. The gameplay is kind of like  Katamari Damacy or something like that, the way it works is wherever you walk you turn the area around ...

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One of the best singleplayer experiences on 360 0

I have been excited for this game since I saw the trailer showing off the story  and it was so well crafted that I knew the game would also be just as well crafted. The Darkness's story is amazing you play as a member of the Franchetti crime family who is named Jackie Estacado. On his 21st birthday he gets powers from the darkness which include a tentacle that impales enemies to a black hole that sucks in everything around it enemies or objects. So the plot basically consists of  getting revenge...

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