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WoW patch tomorrow

So Cataclysm bridge patch hits tomorrow for us here in Europe. As a long time hunter i am looking forward to the focus and the new lack of arrows. A new round of testing talents, and skills tomorrow.  
Went back to the 360 this last weekend after a long break from any kind of games. I finished all of Batman Arkham Asylum still this late since release its still a awesome game. Also tried the Comic Jumper arcade game fun humor but repetative quite fast, ill finish it off and see how many points i can get from it.  
Until Cataclysm comes i guess ill rack up some achivment points on the Xbox i guess. Finish off some of the games i got lying around and maybe ill buy the Enslaved game at some point.


Steam offers can be good sometimes

Got fooled by the steam sale and bought Dawn of War II pack this weekend. And that game just blew my mind. Not sure why i didnt get it ealier but its so diffrenent from any other Warhammer game I have tried. They really did it right this time. Just wanted to put that down. Im going back in!