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iRacing blog update: just got my first win ever.

I got super lucky early in the race. Started 4th because a lot of cars didn't qualify, then the front 3 cars crashed in two different incidents on the first two laps, handing me the lead. I then braked a little early for a fast sweeping turn, causing the car behind me to get too close and panic, sliding the car sideways. The 3rd place car had no time to react and ran right into him, causing a big crash that involved several cars and gave me a 5 second lead.

Maybe I should feel bad about that. Oh well, something about the car behind being responsible for not hitting the car in front or something, right insurance companies?

Then I had to drive 16 more laps without crashing, and barely held on by half a second at the end. I still feel pretty good about it, even though I shouldn't.