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Antagonistic Technology

Don't trust these man-made devices!

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  • The number one antagonistic piece of technology that currently exists.

  • Robots are pretty antagonistic, good thing they aren't very advanced...yet.

  • AI causes a lot of issues in sci-fi settings.

  • sure, they say it's not guns who kill people, it's people who kill people...but those people are holding guns. I think the guns egg them on.

  • it's dangerous as soon as you turn it on.

  • They like to run things over for no reason at all, except that they were sitting on the tracks! That's just mean.

  • Never trust a vehicle with a big open section.

  • It seems like every time VR shows up, someone gets trapped inside it and has to fight their way out.

  • They say it's the radioactive ones you have to watch out for.

  • Subs are sneaky. They hide underwater, pretending to be sandwiches, waiting to strike.