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Best Games of 2013 (Serious list)

Okay so that other list was a gag, this is the real list and oh hey I crammed a bunch of games into this last few weeks so now it's a semi-decent top 10 list!

Honorable mentions to:

Binary Domain, which came out in 2012 and would have been on last year's list if I played it back then. One of my favorite crazy game stories ever.

Dirt: Showdown, another 2012 game that is pretty cool.

iRacing, more of a continually-updated game rather than one with a set release date, but it definitely didn't come out in 2013 so I can't allow myself to put it on the list, but it's the thing I spent the most time playing this year.

List items

  • I never would have thought anything could bump Saints Row IV down to #2, but then I played Gone Home. This game is amazing. Probably one of the best stories I've experienced in a while, with characters that I can really empathise with. And genuinely haunting at times, with the dark, empty house and thunder crackling outside. After buying it for myself and enjoying it, I then gifted it to three friends and also bought the soundtrack just to give the developers more of my money. I also crafted all the badges including the foil badge on Steam. I'm so cool.

  • On the other end of the spectrum, this game is a game-ass game. And what a game-ass game it is. The most bombastic, most ridiculous, most hilarious pile of hot mess that I have ever played. ALSO DUBSTEP GUN WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

  • I hated GTA4. Not right away, mind you. I bought and played it and tried to enjoy it and even did enjoy it, for a while. But the poor combat mechanics and grimy, dark story just made me tire of the whole thing and by the end of the game, I was actively angry as I smacked my head against the last mission, trying over and over again to beat it, before finally giving up. So I was very hesitant going into Grand Theft Auto V.

    Fortunately, most of my concerns were unfounded. The gameplay is a vast improvement, though it's still too easy to die at the drop of a hat. And the story was also less...depressing? Still dark and grim in a lot of ways, but maybe it just felt easier to take with all that California sunshine washing down on me. And the heists, at their best, were badass.

  • It's no Forza Horizon, but it's a good blend of real cars and arcade-style physics.


  • This game is cool and I'm sure I totally missed a bunch of parts but I liked it anyway. I get that it's all about subverting the expectations of games but I still genuinely like the "traditional" ending that is probably meant to be ironic. Anyway it's dope!

  • It's not a perfect game by any means, and Codemasters has an annoying habit of not fixing certain annoying issues from one year to the next, but it's still really good at representing the highest form of motorsport. Every fan of racing should at least give it a try. The classic F1 stuff they threw in is also really cool.

  • It's fun except for the fact that driving a long distance in a truck isn't really that much fun after a while. So...yeah. (US release date: January 2013)

  • It's pretty good, based on the limited time I spent with it. I don't have a lot of interest in fighting games, but maybe I'll play some more of this one.

  • Meh. This game was fun at first, but the car handling seemed to actually get worse with each "upgrade" I bought, and the AI was pretty inconsistent and frustrating to race against.