Best of 2010

slowbird: Best of 2010
Note: the top three, maybe even four are legitimately awesome.  The rest are just games I played that were released in 2010, to fill out the list and add some bad jokes.

List items

  • Great game, or THE GREATEST GAME?

  • January 5th is still part of 2010, right?

  • Super cool characters and fun gameplay in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

  • Greatest independently playable prologue ever. Just enough zombie killing for those of us who don't want to grind through DR2 proper. Easy S-rank.

  • Best food-sponsored free XBLA game of 2010!

  • Great game until you actually start doing the missions. Cool sandbox randomness only goes so far. Would recommend to people who like lots of traveling, or Desert Bus.

  • Best officially licensed professional football game of 2010 Fun offline, scary and potentially money-draining online.

  • Um...not sure if it counts? Best game that wasn't released this year but became fully noticed this year and will probably be finalized next year...or something like that.