GOTY 2011

Here I will provide the absolute true facts about the best games of this year. Each game will win a sub-category or three as well.

List items

  • Game Of The Year; Best Racing Game; Best Driving Game; Best Game For Doing Stupid Things With Hummers.

  • Most Ridiculously Awesomely Ridiculous Game; Best Explosions; Best Character Creator.

  • Best Use Of A Coma; Best Replay Editor In A Driving Game; Best Use Of Subterfuge By A Villain; Best Execution Of Making It Fun To Drive A Ford GT For Hours.

  • Best Dirt Racing Game; Best Cat And Mouse Mode.

  • Best Replay Editor In A Hockey Game; Best Execution Of Convincing Me To Pay Real Money To Boost My Stats Instead Of Grinding For Months To Achieve Similar Results.

  • Best Bugs; Best Game That I Am Too Intimidated By The Necessary Time Commitment To Actually Play Very Much.

  • Best Downloadable Game; Best Game I Wouldn't Normally Play But Played Because Giant Bomb Liked It; Best Soundtrack; Best Narrator; Best Weapons; Best Bastion.

  • Best Game I Didn't Play Because I Fucking Suck At Puzzles But Fuck It I Gotta Put It On The List Because I'm Sure It's Awesome Anyway; Best Portals.

  • Bullet Bill 3 - Best Bullet Bill Game; Best Flash Game; Best Dubstep; Best Game Made By A Giant Bomb User; Best Game Made By Someone I Know On The Internet; Best Game That Doesn't Have A Page On Giant Bomb So I Linked To The Bullet Bill Concept Page.

  • Best Game That I Haven't Played Yet But Will Play As Soon As My Friend Returns The PS3 He Borrowed From Me So That I Can Play The Game With My Other Friend Who Is Crazy About Battlefield Games But Doesn't Have A PC Good Enough To Run Modern Games; Best Shooter.