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Slowbird's List of the Most Awesome Racing Games Ever

I'm making this list because these games are all awesome in some way. The order of ranking is not necessarily based on quality, but on my own bias towards certain types of vehicles or other game elements.

List items

  • This awesome game uses the same awesome physics engine as NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona, is made by the same awesome people, and has an even more awesome premise: drive junk cars in lots of crazy events (like flagpole races and figure-8 races) to become the best driver in the demolition derby world.

  • This is the best Gran Turismo game. It's basically the same as the later games, except it has the AWESOME RACING MODIFICATIONS that they lack. Who doesn't want to turn a regular Ford Taurus into a front-wheel-drive NASCAR replica? Plus, the soundtrack is a classic.

  • This game had an awesome mod community, which turned it from an adequate sim-racer to an amazingly diverse and long-lasting cult favorite in the PC racing community, the basis for ISI's success with the F1 license, and the inspiration for the mod-driven game rFactor. Oh, and with the right mods, you could race a motorhome against a Lamborghini or a Chevy Malibu.

  • This game is awesome because of Forza Race Night. Oh yeah, and some awesome cars and awesome tracks with realistic yet fun driving physics.

  • This game is awesome because it lets you race Street Stocks. Also, the Modifieds are pretty cool. The NASCAR trucks and cars are good too, but c'mon you guys, Street Stocks.

  • DiRT 2 has some crazy XTREME SPORTZ style to it, which some people don't like. But it doesn't really bother me, because the rallycross, raid, and trophy truck racing is awesome in this game.

  • Possibly the greatest NASCAR game ever made. Also awesome because it might be the first racing game with great online play for a large number of players at once.

  • This is probably still the most realistic rally game despite its age. It can be brutally punishing with realistic damage on, but that just makes it more awesome when you make it through a whole rally intact.

  • This game is pretty awesome, especially with all the DLC and stuff.

  • This game is based on the theoretically more awesome PC game Monster Truck Madness 2, but this version is awesome because it has monster truck soccer and because my computer at the time wouldn't run any decent games. I mean, it had Windows 3.1, seriously.

  • Awesome car physics and awesome graphics.

  • DiRT 3 is a competent game, but it just feels like it's missing something compared to the previous game in the series. I guess it's still pretty awesome overall, though.

  • This game has some great stuff, like truck customization and great track design. But the best thing about it is the awesome downloadable trucks and tracks made by the community.

  • This game is awesome because it's almost as good as Forza 3, and it came bundled with my Xbox 360, and anime girl graphics on cars. Don't judge me.

  • The N64 game might not be as good as the arcade version, but it's still awesome. Race across the country with awesome music and crazy traffic WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Plus the arcade version was one of my childhood favorites. I'd buy an arcade cabinet of this if I could.

  • This game is possibly more awesome than the first, because it has a car that is basically a Mustang without the licensed name. Plus, you can go to the moon.

  • It's the first Mario Kart game, and the best. I don't need any justification for calling it awesome.

  • In this game, you can race a semi truck on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Is that awesome? YOU'RE DANG RIGHT IT IS.

  • This game has pit stops and takes you all around the world to race. That's cool. But this game really works because of the music. The music is AWESOME.

  • This is the N64 racing game you should play if you want a realistic, engaging experience. The cars are supposedly fictional, but they look just like the real cars used in sports car racing in the late 90s. The handling is tricky to get used to, but once you do, it feels awesome. And you don't even need an Expansion Pak to get the high-res letterbox mode. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • People still make updated cars for this game, and it somehow manages to run perfectly in Windows 7 despite being made before Windows XP was released. That's why it's awesome.

  • I think the awesome thing about this game is that they're still making expansions for it.

  • This one is almost as awesome as GT2, because it has a lot of cars and good graphics. If they didn't take out racing modifications, it might be the best.

  • You can race the classic stock cars of the 60s on famous tracks like Riverside and Bowman Gray Stadium! How awesome is that? PRETTY DANG AWESOME BRO.

  • I like this game because you can take another car out of the race in one hit if you manage to land directly on top if it, and that's just awesome.

  • It's sort of a Ridge Racer game, but not really. It's actually more like the Pro Race Driver series of games, with a story-based career mode that sees you move up the ranks as a talented young driver. Also, you play as a lady, which is awesome because it goes against gender stereotypes.

  • This is the game that introduced me to rallying. Awesome damage effects and car handling for its time.

  • This simple little game is still awesome for its engaging vehicle handling and varied off-road tracks.

  • Show me a game where you can have more fun with a bug than this one. I dare you. This game has awesome tracks, awesome unlockable Beetles, and an awesome Australia-only version of the game that featured tuned-up Holdens instead of VWs and was called HSV Adventure Racing.

  • I think the reason I like this game is the way they say "Rush" at the title screen. So awesome.

  • ISI must have known about the modding community for Sports car GT and their F1 games, because they created rFactor as a virtual canvas for content creation. It has some cars and tracks included, and those are cool, but most of the really awesome content comes from fans of the game with 3D modeling and physics-building skills.

  • This game has two great cities to drive in, lots of crazy vehicles, and awesome driving school challenges.

  • This game has just one city, but it's also great, and the same crazy vehicles and a similarly awesome driving school. I think I liked the second game more, but mostly because I played it before playing the first game.

  • This game has a weird name that makes it sound like a NASCAR game, but it's actually all about touring cars and road courses. It's actually pretty good! Plus it's awesome because it has a racing version of the Lincoln LS.

  • It's like Cruis'n USA, but with trucks and less pavement. It's a bit difficult, but awesomely so.

  • This game is weird and arcadey, but I have lots of awesome memories of screaming around Bristol Motor Speedway and diving under the AI cars in the turns, then forcing them out of the way to get past, then bouncing off the wall and continuing on.

  • Kart racing plus planes and boats? HECK YEAH. This game is the most awesome kart racer ever.

  • The best part of this game is doing awesome stunts. The second best part is taking awesome shortcuts. The third best part is collecting awesome Hot Wheels that you can drive.

  • If you want to race a really long time in the desert, then this is your game. It's not quite as long as the real Baja race, but it's still awesome.

  • This is even shorter than the game above it, but it's still awesome because you have to dodge ATVs and things.

  • I love dirt track racing, and the sprint cars in this game are the fastest and most fun to drive. And the tracks are based on real tracks, which is awesome.

  • So if you don't like sprint cars, but you still like dirt ovals, then this game is for you. The cars aren't as fast, but they are still fun to drive. Also, the figure-8 mod is awesome.

  • If you don't like oval tracks, but you still like dirt racing, then THIS is the game for you. It's pretty awesome to drive trucks and buggies over jumps.

  • This game is awesome because the AI adapts to your skill level, so you can have a lot of close, competitive races. Plus, the demo has a great rallycross track that you can drive over and over. I think I played the demo more than I played the full game.

  • You can race for 24 hours in this game. In one race. 24 FREAKING HOURS. That's just awesome.

  • "Figure-8 demo derbies" is just another way to say "awesome" in my book.

  • Yo, it's for the Dreamcast so it has to be awesome dudes. DREAMCAST 2 C'MON WE'RE WAITING SEGA.

  • So this is another Dreamcast game and it's like Hydro Thunder but with trucks instead of boats! Trucks are awesome.

  • MotorStorm? More like MudStorm. The mud and dirt effects look awesome in this game.

  • Awesome crashes.