Vlog 03/28/09 (Resident Evil 5, Subjectivity VS. Objectivity)

Typically, I hate any video blog that's past ten minutes long. I'm sorry for making this lengthy, so bare with me when I say it's a topic that can't really be shoved into a short video for my case. Also, sorry for not following through with my general editing style. It takes time that I wasn't up to spending, so the footage is mostly raw. I hate anything that involves me talking and raw footage -- I tend to get pretty sloppy as it goes along, and words are harder to find. I guess that's why I stick with writing. ;)

Anyway, I think it's an interesting topic. Feel free to provide insight.

Edit: To put the ending sentence from me in a clearer presentation: "Game reviewing is essential to [the] realization of how games-as-art is growing. Maybe if we looked at things a little bit more objectively, and not as subjectively, it would help [that realization] grow."