Yo 50, Where my Summer? (Also, win free Braid!)

Anyone else finally seeing some good, warm weather? May 11th is my exam week, and it couldn't come any sooner. I know most people try to stay away from final exams, but I'd like to get them over with. It's a blessing and a shame, since I am actually going to miss some of my classes. I think I'm primarily excited to finally play some damn games I've missed out on. I plan to knock out Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3, Peter Molyneux II, Dead Space, Banjo Kazooie, and anything else that I'm forgetting or that is recommended. Also, I'm really hoping to get another run through Okami as well, since I haven't played it since 2006, maybe 2007? I honestly don't even remember. Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to reviewing some titles as well.

I've received a couple of PM's over the week asking about how the presentation went with the class I had. In a few words, it went great. I could explain everything I said and sort of replicate it here, but I fear that it wouldn't come off the same; however, I did get a chance to explain/discuss the majority of what I talked about (game journalism) on today's recording of Trigames.net's podcast, which I guest on occasionally. To those interested, the episode will be up sometime next week, and I think it was actually a great episode. It featured far less news and more interesting discussion. While I'm on topic, I'll mention that they have been hosting a contest over the last few weeks. A fan of the podcast has an accent, and whenever he says the words "video games," it sounds like "veedio games." He wants to cure this by having a pretentious name to call them. Of course, it's not serious at all and we're poking fun by accepting e-mail for the best pretentious name for video games you can come up with.

To support this fun and in the spirit of today’s indie themed podcast, I'm giving away a free copy of Braid via Steam to our (or supersonic’s, the fan) absolute favorite name/phrase/thing. In case you already have a copy, I’ll offer something of equal value instead. If you’re looking to enter, examples such as Virtual Entertainment Experience (NeoNightmareX), and Vacation Disc (Dendei) are good to follow.

Also, I’ll be visiting Games Day Baltimore on May 9 – Mythic will be there showing off Warhammer Online, but I’ll be there for the Paul Barnett action. Also also, PAX 2009 is likely for me when September 4th rolls around. A lot of my friends are going, and Dendei managed to find a cheap flight in which I can play Doom on the seat’s monitor. So yeah, summer. I just looked over at my PS2 collection and remembered I have an even larger handful of other games that I need to digest as well. Titles such as Shadow of the Colossus, God of War I & II, XIII, Psychonauts, Max Payne and Odin Sphere need to be taken care of this year. I’m SO behind in the times.

Crap, that’s so many games and not enough time. How about you guys? Any backlog clearing that you are looking forward to this summer?