Top 8 Games I Played in 2012

In terms of playing games, this year was great for me! Nearly all games I played I sunk heavy time into and played to death. I'm the kind of guy who buys little, but plays a lot.

In terms of playing games released in 2012, I missed out on so much. Between the stretch of trying to control my budget and also not having all of the time in the world, I missed many of the 2012 gems this year. Walking Dead, XCOM, etc. -- I promise myself to get around to these as soon as possible! Regardless, not all of my "Top 8 Games" were released in 2012. But these are the games I played the most.

Might as well be GOTY 2011? Amirite?

Sounds lame, but how games make me really feel... y'know, down deep on the insides, is what really pushes me to keep playing it. So at the end of each description I'll give ya the feels!

P.S. Sorry for the walls of text, but I promise GBomb won't let me separate paragraphs in list form!

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