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Unfortunate 0

I had high hopes for this game, i loved the first bad company.  The first game had it's flaws sure but it where a different experience from other games in the same genre. This review is going to be a both a comparison towards the first game and other games in the same genre.  SINGLEPLAYER The singleplayer part of the game is the disappointing part of the game for sure. The first bad company game had a special feeling when you sat down to play. Even though it was a hidden linear experience,BC2 is...

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Gears of Beers 0

 Gears of War 2 Review. Graphics:5 stars There ain’t any flaws with the new Unreal Engine, there are alot of games on the market that are using this engine but of course no one can use the engine like Epic Games well. They are the makers of the engine so that’s obvious. As a game Gears of War 2 looks really awesome and if you compare it to other games released around the same time it’s miles better in the graphics department. Excellent lightning, blood and fire effects. To compare it to the ...

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Unfortune sidestep from starbreeze 0

The darkness is a game that tries to be something else then what it is.   Graphics 3 STARS:   This game is supposed to be played in the dark. Not that you're going to turn off your own light but you are going to flick every light switch in the game or just shoot the hell out of the lightbulbs. Even though you don't shoot out the lights the game is still being to dark even if you're playing with the gamma and light at max. If you're playing with gamma on the max it's to dark in i.e Alleys or behi...

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